10 BEST Home Based Businesses To Start During a Recession – Part 2

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10 BEST Home Based Businesses To Start During a Recession (Part  2)

This is the second part of this series that looks at the best ways for you to make money from home by starting a business. Most people, including myself, who are in this position don’t have a lot of money to spend on infrastructure so these suggested businesses do not have high start-up costs but do have the potential to grow beyond what you can supply with just your own resources.


            6.      Business Mentor/Coach

Many small and medium sized businesses would benefit from the services of a knowledgeable professional such as a business coach or mentor. They don’t have the ability to hire one full time and yet they definitely could use one in the worst way. You can use your business expertise to help guide them and to offer suggestions on marketing, production or human resources.  By starting locally you can offer personalized hands on help on an as needed basis while you work at refining your skill set and marketing. In time you will be able to offer advice and consult over the internet making your niche limitless in size.


            7.      Blogging

Blogging has evolved from a part-time hobby or online diary into a full fledged marketing tool that all businesses would be well advised to have in their marketing toolbox. It has matured into an online ‘word of mouth’ type of advertising. Well written blogs are read in much the same way as you would read an update from a friend that you like and respect. There is a real art and a process to developing an effective blog that will draw traffic and keep it once people visit.  Use one of the blog creation sites such as ProBlogAcademy to make a professional business blog that will become an essential service to a small or medium sized business.

Blogs can also be used to conduct product or service reviews and to make unbiased recommendations. It can also be a marketing forum for new products that companies will pay you to market and a tremendous opportunity for valued affiliate links. It’s important to keep the quality up at all times and to provide fresh insightful content.


            8.      Tech Support

Almost 90% of the people that are currently online have no formal tech training and that number is even higher when you look at small and medium sized business. As a result their websites often lack ‘pop’ and tend to be rather Spartan and cold feeling, which is exactly the opposite of what they would wish to portray. If you have tech skills or are willing to learn from someone who does and apply them you will have no shortage of clients both in the personal and the business world. Most people who are starting up a business from home are going to need computer skills and website know how. It is far cheaper for them to hire you than it is to take time off their money making endeavours to learn and implement technical skills.


            9.      Senior Care Services

Increasing numbers of seniors want to live as independently as possible and the reduction in services to them make this a reality that every senior has to contend with. Often it falls to family members to pick up the slack and help them out with groceries, shopping, banking and health care. However, not all seniors have family close enough to be of practical value and it may be too costly for them to provide these essential services so it is left to the seniors to try to sort it out as best they can. There is a huge opportunity for compassionate people to fill this void and for a reasonable fee, either transport the seniors to the place of service and back home or to run the errands for them. It often isn’t so much being the gardener, cook and chauffeur as it is being the person to coordinate all these various services.


            10.    Musical Instrument Lessons/Tutoring

Parents are often searching for individuals who can assist their children with help in a particular field of study or with a particular musical instrument. The going rate for tutoring or musical instruction is quite attractive and likely to continue to increase with the growing demand for not just youth but also adults who wish to further their skills in either music or education. Checking with local schools is a good idea to find out what might be lacking in your area and what void you can fill.


            11.    Freelance Writer/Copywriter

As a freelance writer or copywriter you can fill the demand for articles, blog posts, e-books and auto responder emails.  As a writer you can sell your products both online as well as offline. All publications are always looking for content. It’s easy to start locally with information sheets and newspapers and move up to magazine and other publications. If you go online there is a limitless number of possibilities. Odesk, FreeLance, CraigsList, Elance and Guru.com are just a few of the many places you can find people looking for specific writers. Copy writers are always in demand by all businesses that need to advertise and in particular,  all small and medium sized ones that can’t afford a full time copywriter.

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2 Responses to “10 BEST Home Based Businesses To Start During a Recession – Part 2”

  1. Michelle DeMarco Says:

    I love that you combine online as well as offline businesses on here. Great options for lots of people!
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    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Michelle. It is good for people to know their options out there!



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