10 Ideas For a Real Estate Blog Post

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 Real Estate Blog Topics

Blogging is a wonderful tool for a real estate marketing campaign. Not only does it increase your exposure on search engines, but you start to build a reputation for yourself as a reliable professional source on real estate matters.

It’s important to provide fresh and original content that your readers will find engaging and interesting and that will keep people coming back to revisit your real estate blog. This is a short list of some ideas that you can use as blog topics. These topics are among those that people consider when choosing a neighborhood to move to. 

Real Estate Blog

1. Tell a story about your neighborhood on your real estate blog. People love to hear about their future home and to find out interesting things about the area that they are planning on moving to.

2. Architecture or housing styles in your area. This gives people a better idea of whether or not they feel they will fit into a neighborhood and if it’s the kind of place that they will feel comfortable.

3. Attend a public meeting and write about it. By doing this you can demonstrate your involvement in a community and your understanding of the issues. This builds trust that can often turn into long term clients, often for many, many years.

4. Churches – what denominations are in your area, where are they located, when are services. In today’s world it also would make sense to also list any other spiritually inclined location or even inspirational locations within the community.

5. Commentary on local news stories. Once again, this demonstrates your mastery of local affairs and your dedication to your community.

6. Commentary on local public policy. Local policies can influence people’s choices for a place to live, so making local policy known is never a bad thing. People also want to know about pending policy that could impact their lifestyle or enjoyment of a community.

7. Cost of Living Comparison (for different cities or neighborhoods in your local market). Put in a side by side comparison to other cities that they would be familiar with for average price of homes, gas, utilities, etc. Your real estate blog is a great place to give prospective buyers reasons to want to live in your community and prices and services are important considerations.

8. Day Care – who provides day care services, what are rates, where are they located.  It’s also important to know if they have flexible hours or a drop-in facility for unexpected changes in scheduling.

9. Environmental concerns and issues – does your area do something significant to lessen the population’s impact on the environment? Do they partake in green initiatives? What is the flavor of local government in regards to environmental policy?

10. Dining Guide  – rank some of the restaurants in your area and give a short synopsis of each so people know what to expect. This can have an impact on decision making that is far out of proportion to its impact in reality. All you have to do is to provide insight and information on your real estate blog and you will start to develop a readership. Remain connected, responsive and consistent with your blog entries to create the most positive impact.

What other topics can you think of that would pique people’s interest?  Please comment below.

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6 Responses to “10 Ideas For a Real Estate Blog Post”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    What a great ldea, very good info.Great when you move acoss the country


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Dagmar. Glad it was helpful…



  2. Dave Says:

    Awesome post with great ideas. These can even be applied in any business blog to make it more personable. Love it.


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Dave, thanks so much. Yes, these can be applied in a a multitude of ways can’t they?



  3. Damayanthi Says:

    Hey Sigrid, what a bunch of great ideas you have here.

    Most of the real eastate people I see here are just put pictures of their listings. They need to get out of the box & implement some of the ideas you have mentioned here.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Damayanthi recently posted…Never Fail Strategy to Sell Your Company ProductsMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Damayanthi. I agree that mostly what we see are just the pictures of the listings. How boring.



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