10 Ways To Make Your Blog Irresistible Part Two

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Make Your Blog Irresistible Here’s How

Yesterday we started this two part post about 10 different ways that you can use to help make your blog irresistible. Everyone who has a blog has the goal of getting as many people to read it as possible. It is a simple equation when you have a business blog. The more readers you have, the more business you are likely to generate. It is the opposite of targeted traffic in a way. Instead of standing on an intersection and looking for people in yellow hats with little blue cars like Curious George you can wave down all the cars and see if the drivers are interested in purchasing what your business has to offer.

What Else Would Make Your Blog Irresistible?

6.  Be Insightful, Share your Knowledge

make your blog irresistibleHelping others by providing answers to their problems will increase your blog’s value and powers of attraction. It will also help to establish you as an ‘expert’ in your area of focus. (But only if you answer questions intelligently and thoughtfully.)

7. Making Announcements

Being one of the first places where people can read not only the headlines, but also the story behind the headlines is a good way to make your blog irresistible. Even if all you are providing is your thoughts on a development or a trend, that will help as long as they are insightful and have value.

8. Use Lists In Your Blog   ur Blog Irresistible

Making your blog the Top 10 Or the Top 25 or even The Top 100 of anything can be a great way to get people’s attention and to draw them to you. It has worked well in almost any venue that it has been tried in.

9. Include A Q&A Section Or Even Do Q&A Blog Posts

If you are concerned that you won’t have enough interaction or inquiries from your readers at first, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many advice bloggers and columnists have had to resort to designing and asking their own questions in order to fill up space. It is actually a terrific way to ask very intricate questions that you are sure to question and answerhave the correct answers to. If you pose questions that are sure to be problems shared by many, your answers will help to cement your image as the ‘go to ‘ person on a particular topic.

10. Do Video Blogs     e Your Blog Irresistible

It’s no secret that people watch videos, esp. the ‘how to do it’ type that show step by step instructions. This is by far the most influential thing that you can do on your blog, and the one thing that will make your blog irresistible. There is no limit to the scope and topics that you can cover with video and still link it back to your core topic. The mistake is often made in thinking that you yourself have to ‘star’ in the videos, however the videos can be about anything and using almost any surface for teaching, etc.

Which one of the ways do you use to make your blog irresistible? Please let us know by commenting below.

Till Next Time

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4 Responses to “10 Ways To Make Your Blog Irresistible Part Two”

  1. Jory Fisher Says:

    Thanks, Sigrid. I do my best to “be insightful and share knowledge.” Your other suggestions are excellent. Looks like I need to incorporate some of your ideas if I want my blog to be irresistible! :-)


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Jory, out of all of the ideas, sharing knowledge is key. Keep it up!



  2. Martin Says:

    I love the word irresistible, Sigrid
    it is a powerful trigger word.

    I believe that another point is that our blogs should be mobile-friendly if they are to be irresistible. Meaning that if someone tries to read my blog, but it doesn’t adjust to their mobile device properly, then it will not be irresistible!!

    Otherwise I agree with all your points.
    Great Post!

    Martin recently posted…Internet Marketing Automation For Small BusinessMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    I agree Martin. Point taken!



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