10 Ways To Make Your Blog Irresistible

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Make Your Blog Irresistible Here’s How

Everyone who has a blog has the goal of getting as many people to read it as possible. It is a simple equation when you have a business blog. The more readers you have the more business you are likely to generate. It is the opposite of targeted traffic in a way. Instead of standing on an intersection and looking for people in yellow hats with little blue cars like Curious George, you can wave down all the cars and see if the drivers are interested in purchasing what your business has to offer.

1. Include A Blog Survey

Customer Service Survey

Including a survey within your blog is a great way to get additional comment and feedback that you can use to improve your business or your blog.

2. Write A Blog In Response To The Survey Results

People just naturally are interested in the results of a survey that they have participated in, and they would like to have a bit more information to go with the results. Why did the survey results turn out the way they did? Interactive activities help to make your blog irresistible.

3. Include Links In Your Blog

make your blog irresistibleLinks can be in reference to other posts that you have written, or they can be in reference to materials that you have used in the creation of your post. This website gave me the idea for this, 10-blogging-styles-small-business-blog. If you have used someone else’s site for inspiration or for information, it is only right and fair that you share the link and give them full credit. After all you would want to be accorded the same respect. And they don’t mind the additional exposure that it gives them.

And What Else Would Make Your Blog Irresistible?

4. Include Referrals And Endorsements

If you have had people say nice things about you, your business, or your blog, let other people know. Always ask for a referral if you have done a favor for someone else. People are happy to return the favor, and their accolades can help to make your blog irresistible. Consumers like to know that other consumers have been happy with the products or services they have received.

5. Write About Stuff That Is Happening Now

It’s no secret that people want to read about the latest styles, trends and goings on in the world. If they didn’t, how could tabloid reporting, (and lately what I refer to as tabloid TV and internet), have soared to the heights of popularity? Everyone might know that mobile is the biggest thing happening in the internet world, but they would like to know more about how to make that work for them and what it means to their world.

Tomorrow I am going to conclude the list of 10 ways to make your blog irresistible, starting with the most effective method of all. Don’t miss it.

Till Next Time

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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    With today’s technologies everybody should be blogging, using their the computer or cellphone. You are so good in pointing that out. Thank you Sigrid.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are absolutely correct Dagmar!
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