11 Rules Of Effective Blogging Don’t Break Them

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Do Not Break The 11 Rules of Effective Blogging

You’re probably thinking to yourself right about now that this guy is either being pretty bold, or he is a total idiot. I am sure that both opinions have been correct on occasion, but let me show you what I mean. Blogging doesn’t really have rules per se, but if you want to create effective blogging content you should at least pay heed to them. Some just make sense and others are a bit of a nudge in one direction or another.

effective bloggingThere is a tendency to think that all blogging is totally random and free form and it can be, but it is difficult to have a fairly loyal following if you are all over the map all the time. On the other hand, single purpose or single message blogs can get stale and boring easily.  The best blogs (most readable ones) are those that tell a story, give the reader a smile or make them think a little, or provide the reader with value. Just as you can’t go to a party empty handed, you shouldn’t come to your readers the same way. The following are the ‘rules of engagement’, or rather rules to produce engagement. Blogs written in a vacuum are not nearly as much fun.

Effective Blogging ‘Rules Of The Road’

1. Do Not Promote Your Business Directly

This is just poor form. Surely you can be more creative than just giving people an infomercial to have to wade through. Sure, if you’re the king of ShamWow or the Ronco patty stacker I can see where it is hard to keep that a secret, but for most of us we can point to our products or business without the hard sell of a sidling used car salesman. If your sole reason to have a blog is to promote your business, that will come through in your writing and it will turn people off. There are other far more effective ways of product promotion than blogs.

2. Learn By Teaching

Searching With Magnifying Glass by renjith krishnan,fdpIt is almost impossible to write a blog for a prolonged period of time without having to do some research for your writing material. If all you are going to write about is what you know, or what is in your comfort zone then I would suggest that your blog will be limited in scope and range. I don’t mean to be insulting, but there are very few of us that know so much that we never have to consult reference material. Even the great storytellers (teachers) like Bob Proctor and Denis Waitley do tireless research on what they talk about. Learning new things that you can pass along in your blog is another way for you to bring value to your audience.

3. Don’t Post A Novel, Or A Tweet

If you go on and on forever, you will be going alone. Face it, no one is as fascinated by your words as you are. Effective blogging includes knowing when to say when. Keep your message short and without fluff and empty words. On the other end of the spectrum it is not a tweet. You aren’t bound by the ridiculous 140 character death zone of Twitter. How the heck is a verbose person like myself ever going to find that a useful platform? Oh, did I wander off track there? That brings me to the next rule of effective blogging that we are going to talk about next post…staying on topic. See you then.

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “11 Rules Of Effective Blogging Don’t Break Them”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You are so correct, I don’t care if it is a blog or even in person, you lose the attention of a person if you are going on and on. Nobody wants to hear your sales pitch, it will come through right away in your words.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Dagmar, you are so right!



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