11 Rules Of Effective Blogging The Final Chapter

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The Final Chapter Of  The 11 Rules of Effective Blogging

A few days ago we began this series for those of you that are thinking about blogging, or maybe have a blog now, but are just starting to get serious about it. Or perhaps you have had a blog for some time now, and you just want to check to make sure that you aren’t missing any key pieces with what you are currently doing.

Effective blogging is definitely an evolving beast, but there are some basics that haven’t changed since communication began ,and you would be well advised to keep them in mind as we go along. I also invite you to give me feedback through your comments so that I can continue to make this blog as informative and useful as possible.

Effective blogging As I mentioned earlier, effective blogging doesn’t really have rules per se but if you want to create effective blogging content you should at least pay heed to them. Some just make sense and others are a bit of a nudge in one direction or another.

So far we have looked at the first nine rules of effective blogging. Those are: don’t directly promote your own business, learn by teaching others, and use an optimum length blog post, use a main theme, pace yourself and stick to a schedule. In addition you should encourage interaction and comment, write like you are writing a blog, and remember who you are writing for.

So let’s get going on the final group.

Effective Blogging ‘Rules Of The Road’ Cont’d.

10. Be Yourself, Don’t Put on Airs

Just because you are a fantastic communicator with a university prof’s vocabulary, don’t expect that your audience is. Keep your language fairly plain, and if you truly can’t write that way find someone who can give you some help to do so. If you think you are a terrible writer (and many of us do), then record your message and play it back. Just type out what you say in your message. Odds are, you will sound a lot more genuine and less likely to use ten dollar words in your blog post.

11. Stick With It

take action

Seriously, this is the single biggest cause of blog failure or of any other writing failure. It is super easy to find reasons to not write, so ignore all of them. Instead just concentrate on the writing and if you truly do become faced with the dreaded’ blank blog syndrome’, then give yourself a few minutes and then write on the first topic that comes to mind. Surprisingly enough, just the simple act of writing has the ability to break down the mental block and the ideas begin to flow once more.

 12. Write About You

This is a bonus rule, and one that I am throwing in mostly because I believe very strongly that this is true. People do want to know about you. They want to know that you are a real person and they would like hear what your views on things are. (Of course always provide them with plenty of opportunity to tell you about them). You are the subject that you know the most about so share your experiences, your stories, your tribulations and your triumphs. Find a way to tie your real life experiences and thoughts into your blog. You will make it a lot more interesting for both you and your readers. Happy Blogging!

Till Next Time

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