11 Rules Of Effective Blogging Part Two

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Part Two Of  The 11 Rules of Effective Blogging

A few days ago we began this series for those of you that are thinking about blogging, or maybe have a blog now, but are just starting to get serious about it. Or perhaps you have had a blog for some time now, and you just want to check to make sure that you aren’t missing any key pieces with what you are currently doing.

Effective blogging is definitely an evolving beast, but there are some basics that haven’t changed since communication began and you would be well advised to keep them in mind as we go along. I also invite you to give me feedback through your comments, so that I can continue to make this blog as informative and useful as possible. Effective blogging

As I mentioned already, effective blogging doesn’t really have rules per se, but if you want to create effective blogging content you should at least pay heed to them. Some just make sense, and others are a bit of a nudge in one direction or another.

We already looked at the first three rules of effective blogging. Don’t directly promote your own business, learn by teaching others, and optimum length of blog posts. So let’s get going on today’s group.

Effective Blogging ‘Rules Of The Road’ Cont’d.

4. Choose A Theme Or A Core Topic

What’s your blog about? It is really difficult to attract an audience without them knowing what you are writing about. That’s a bit like being asked to sit down and watch a movie without knowing what the movie is. Chances are you will find something better to do. Blogs are usually fraught with advice, so write about something that you know about. It is a lot easier to write lots and write often when you are an ‘expert’ on something. Blogs that are about anything and everything have to be superbly written, and are either very informative or very funny. I’d like to think I straddle the line a bit.

5. Effective Blogging Is A Marathon, Not A Wind Sprint

Realize that getting readership for your blog is not going to happen overnight. You are going to have to show people value and keep showing it to them. All the facebook friends in the world won’t make your blog successful if you can’t give people a reason to keep coming back. One great post or even a week of them isn’t effective blogging. Consistently providing value and other people solve their problems by offering advice and solutions is effective blogging. It really is as more than one writer has said ‘10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.’

6. Keeping A Schedule

keep a scheduleFind a schedule that fits your lifestyle. And be prepared to stick to it. Your readers will come to expect whatever schedule you devise as long as you are consistent. If you are going to post weekly blogs that’s fine (although a little weak), but then make sure that you do post a blog every week. Don’t do that for a month and then go three weeks or maybe six weeks between blog posts. You will lose readers and lots of them. There are too many choices for people’s time to expect them to hang around waiting, while you decide when it might be convenient for you to make another post to your blog. That’s not effective blogging, that’s dabbling. If you want to be an effective blogger read on. If you want to be a dabbler, this is the wrong post for you.

Tomorrow we are going to look at some more powerful rules to make your blog so much more than just some pretty graphics.

Till Next Time….

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9 Responses to “11 Rules Of Effective Blogging Part Two”

  1. Rachel Williamson Says:


    It’s amazing how many well rated blogs are still on the ‘piggy back’ platforms. I keep running into them when curating content. Hope your series speaks to that as well.

    Great post!
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Will You Retire in Poverty?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks Rachel for the kind words. We will speak to that in a future post..



  2. Bonnie Hershey Says:

    I love blogging! I realize it’s because of two things: I write about what I know and am passionate about, as you mentioned, and once the content is out there, it stays out there! I like knowing that my content is continuing to be read by visitors (unlike Facebook or Twitter, where things have a short shelf-life).
    Bonnie Hershey recently posted…7 Tricks To Help Kids Eat HealthierMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Bonnie, that is an excellent example of the difference between blogging and Facebook/Twitter. It highlights the value of blogging and why it is such a popular form of information sharing.



  3. Jory Fisher Says:

    Sigrid, I’d love to know when you write your own posts. Do you make appointments with yourself — same day each week — or do you mix it up and write at whim?

    Fun to hear what others do!


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Jory, it’s a bit of both. Generally, I schedule it in the morning as the optimum time. But if that doesn’t occur, it has to be done before I head off to bed. It helps keep me accountable :)



  4. Martin Says:


    Blogging is so key, and so important!
    In our eBook [Blog Matters], http://www.vinotecsolutions.com/ebook-1/ We prove that every business should have a blog, and then go on to show how to become successful in blogging for business.

    I really like this series that you are doing. It is very well written and informative.

    This point right here 5. Effective Blogging Is A Marathon, Not A Wind Sprint, is perhaps the most important in this post. So many people try it and then quit. But you have to stick to it. You have to “never quit” just like you said, it’s a marathon. Keep going. Keep going. and then Keep going.

    Great post, and I look forward to your next post,
    Martin recently posted…Why Content Marketing Is a Must For Your Small BusinessMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you very much Martin. Your comments on the blog post series are much appreciated. I look forward to reading your eBook.




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