11 Rules Of Effective Blogging Part Three

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Part Three Of  The 11 Rules of Effective Blogging

A few days ago we began this series for those of you that are thinking about blogging, or maybe have a blog now, but are just starting to get serious about it. Or perhaps you have had a blog for some time now, and you just want to check to make sure that you aren’t missing any key pieces with what you are currently doing.

Effective blogging is definitely an evolving beast, but there are some basics that haven’t changed since communication began, and you would be well advised to keep them in mind as we go along. I also invite you to give me feedback through your comments, so that I can continue to make this blog as informative and useful as possible.

effective blogging

As I mentioned yesterday , effective blogging doesn’t really have rules per se, but if you want to create effective blogging content you should at least pay heed to them. Some just make sense, and others are a bit of a nudge in one direction or another.

So far, we have looked at the first six rules of effective blogging. Those are: don’t directly promote your own business, learn by teaching others, and use an optimum length blog post, use a main theme, pace yourself and stick to a schedule. So let’s get going on today’s group.

Effective Blogging ‘Rules Of The Road’ Cont’d.

7. Encourage Interaction and Comment

Make sure that you have a comment box at the bottom of your blog where people can find it really easily. Encourageinviting comment people to use it and for the love of Mike, respond to them when they do. People like to be recognized,  and if someone has taken their time to make a comment, the very least you can do is acknowledge that. Not everyone is going to agree with you, grow some skin and accept that truth. But please, don’t let it dissuade you from inviting comment. Occasionally I will make provocative statements or take a controversial stand just to see if I can get some additional comment.

8. You’re A Blogger, Not A Reporter

Write like you are telling a story. You aren’t being asked to back up what you say with facts, charts and graphs. But at the same time, you do have to remain practical and factual if you want your information to be taken seriously, and if you are teaching then of course you should. That said, you have free reign to make comment on whatever you would like. Journalists aren’t allowed to ‘take sides’ and they are to present news with an air of impartiality. You on the other hand, are telling a story and weaving a lesson into it or providing information or entertainment some other way.

9. Remember Who You Are Writing For

You have to keep in mind that you are really trying to satisfy two completely different sets of readers. One is human and the other is very spiderish. You do have to follow the rules of SEO to have any hope of anyone finding your blog and that means you have to have keywords, etc. At the same time, do remember that using SEO to the point of optimization will cause your blog to be very stilted, and about as much fun to read as a fifteen page manual on how to assemble a potato masher in Portuguese. It is a trade off, but it is infinitely more important to write readable and entertaining and informative content than to satisfy the Google arachnids. If people aren’t going to be able to or want to read your blog, what’s the point? If you aren’t having fun doing it, then you’re doing it wrong.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the last of the powerful rules that can make your blog so much more than just some pretty graphics. Stay tuned…

Till Next Time….

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  1. Bryan Floro Says:

    Im not a blogger, I’m a reporter! Love it, thanks for sharing Sigrid!

    -Bryan Floro
    Bryan Floro recently posted…A Content Marketing Plan To Help You Get ResultsMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Bryan!



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