13 Phenomenal Reasons Your Company Would Benefit From Having a Blog (Part One)

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So Why Should You Have A Blog?

Do you think your company should have a blog, but you’re still struggling with reasons why? Have you wondered what the value of a blog is? Are you concerned as to what impact a blog can have on business development? How about the bottom line?

13 Reasons Why You Should Add A Blog To Your Marketing Mix

1. Increased Online Presence for Your Business

A blog full of valuable, insightful and relevant content greatly enhances your opportunities to meet prospects, possible business partners and future employees. Someone may find your blog content through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, or an industry peer could share your blog post on LinkedIn. Ultimately, by creating great content that people want to save and share, you can put your company’s brand and products in front of hundreds of new people. Often these are people that you would not have had access to otherwise.

2. Get More Leads and Better Quality Leads

By initiating a blog, you increase your exposure, and as a result you can drive more traffic to your website and get more leads. Research shows that businesses that have an active and relevant blog get 55% more traffic. They can also generate up to a 400% increase in leads as well.

3. Build Stronger Relationships

blogMost people aren’t ready to buy when they first arrive at your website. They want to learn more about what you and your products/services can do for them first. A blog is a wonderful way to pass along information about you and your company, and thus help to satisfy a prospect’s need for research.

A blog is non-intrusive. People can interact with your content on their terms; a blog offers welcome relief from more traditional “push & sell” forms of marketing. Blog content is also very dynamic, and can be updated as often as you want with minimal alteration to your website’s appearance.

Your blog can be there to answer questions and provide information when you’re not available.

 4. A Blog Enhances Customer Service

Customers these days crave interaction and dialogue with companies. One-sided communication doesn’t work. A blog creates a two-way conversation when readers can leave you comments that you as the moderator can reply to. It encourages customers to interact with you and provide feedback, and it gives you another avenue where you can respond to their comments.

5. Online Reputation Management Is More Controllable With a Blog

Your company blog can help with online reputation management efforts.  A blog allows you to make comments regarding current events or trends that are much more in-depth than a Facebook comment or a tweet.

Also, when you have a blog as part of your company website, you have direct control over the blog and your website. Social media sites still control features and content of your profiles.

6. Showcase Your Personality and Your Personal

People like to do business with other people they know, like and trust. Your blog can define the personality of your brand and allow people to associate a face with a name. By being willing to put yourself out there, and let people get to know you, you can earn your customers’ trust.

Join us for the rest of the 13 phenomenol reasons in the next blog post.

Till Next Time….

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