Leadership: 23 Essential Character Traits

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Leadership: 23  Essential Character Traits

Leadership is Multi-faceted


When you see a leader in action you might notice the physical aspect of the role that they are filling. The raised voice volume, erect posture, even the tilt of the head and the thrust of the jawline all contribute to the physical presence that a leader displays. Did you know that there is a lot more than just the physical aspect of it that goes into makeup of an effective leader? I have given real life examples of each of the 23 traits that make up effective leadership.

Bearing Leaders stand tall and leaders stand out. Napoleon may have been short but he didn’t slouch around.

Confidence Leadership calls for confidence and lots of it. Even in the face of insurmountable odds. Churchill was confident even as London was bombed day and night.

 Courage Almost goes without saying don’t you think? Do you think Braveheart displayed just a touch of this, Hollywood aside?


Integrity When I hear the word integrity I think of Abe Lincoln.  He may have been the last honest politician.

Decisiveness Leaders are quick to decide and seldom change their minds after. Others are slow to decide and waver back and forth. How much wavering did George Patton display?

Justice With leadership comes immense power. It is essential that a leader be a just person and capable of restraint. King Solomon has always been associated with justice and wisdom.

Endurance Think about Nelson Mandela. Now that’s an example of extreme endurance. Both physically and as a leader under the most trying of circumstances.

Tact Leadership isn’t always about brute force or bravado. There are times when being tactful can be just as effective. Vladimir Putin has survived more on this skill than  any other.

Initiative Willing to strike off on your own away from the rest of the pack. Christopher Columbus certainly had a little of this didn’t he?

 Coolness A level head is required for leadership. Keep your head while those around you are losing theirs. Like his politics or not, Obama remains cool under fire and is seldom taken off his game.

Maturity If you look at the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II a pattern emerges. She has showed maturity throughout her entire reign since she became queen at the age of 25. Since then there hasn’t been another royal member that’s come close to showing that level of maturity.

 Improvement Leaders show constant improvement and are always searching for ways to better themselves and to refine their skills. Martin Luther King is a great example of this. He looked for ways to become a better man and a better leader.

Will Sheer will and determination is sometimes all that will keep you going when the odds are truly stacked against you. Martin Luther vs. the Catholic Church.

 Assertiveness Ghengis Khan had this in spades. As a result his empire became the largest the world has ever known. Unlike many of today’s conquerors he knew when to ride on.

 Candor- for candor and his willingness to call a spade a spade I would turn to my favourite peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter. Even long after he was considered old, he still does good deeds in a forthright manner.

Sense of Humor

A good leader needs to have a sense of humor sometimes just to relieve the pressure of a very challenging job. Margaret Thatcher once said that being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

Competence A leader has to be competent or at the very least give the impression of it until they can become competent. Golda Meir is my example of this.

Commitment Think of John Kennedy’s commitment to the space program. He made the bold statement that the US would have a man on the moon in that decade and put the wheels in motion that allowed that to happen despite his death a short time later.

Creativity My nomination for this is Hannibal. No, not Lecter but rather the Carthagian that attacked Rome by bringing elephants and his army over the Alps.

Self-discipline Vladimir Lenin was a portrait of self-discipline. After the deposition of the Czarist regime in Russia it would have been easy to assume the trappings of power like so many others before him. Instead, Lenin held fast to his political roots and showed great self-discipline that became lost later in the communist party.

Humility Ghandi was an incredible leader and yet he demonstrated humility to his death. He didn’t like pretension and the cost of palatial living so many leaders encourage.

Flexibility Leaders have to know when to bend enough to maintain leadership and to maintain the possibility for another tomorrow. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to be flexible enough to collaborate with some questionable people and policies to bring about the end of WW II.

Empathy/Compassion. It is hard to think of a more compassionate leader than Eva Peron. She never forgot where she came from and championed the cause of the ‘little people’ till her early and untimely death from cancer.

That’s rather an imposing group isn’t it? Wouldn’t you love to have them on your team? Now if we can only take the best from each of those we would have the true essence of leadership.

Till Next Time….


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4 Responses to “Leadership: 23 Essential Character Traits”

  1. joel pashkin Says:

    ” When I hear the word integrity I think of Abe Lincoln. He may have been the last honest politician.” Love this and good old ABe. Thanks so much
    joel pashkin recently posted…Life in Retirement – Good IdeasMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    I agree Joel, I too think of Abe Lincoln whenever someone mentions integrity and honesty.



  2. Michelle DeMarco Says:

    I can see we appreciate the same leadership qualities and I loved the pictures of Lincoln and Margaret Thatcher!!! I wish more leaders…or would be leaders would focus on these character traits. We should always endeavor to have the highest integrity possible!!! Loved the article…thanks!
    Michelle DeMarco recently posted…Ray Higdon’s Pro Marketing Summit Review | Part 2My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Michelle!



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