24 Reasons To Start An Internet Marketing Blog

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Why Start An Internet Marketing Blog – Actual Responses By Business Owners

The first time I looked through these responses, I was amazed by the diversity of a blog’s values. Clearly an internet marketing blog is very adaptable and meets a variety of needs of the respective authors. I’d also like to add that I feel that a good interactive blog also gives people an additional sense of worth and accomplishment, not unlike watching your children grow and develop. Here are the top 24 responses:

Internet Marketing Blog

What An Internet Marketing Blog Can Do For You

1. Help other people to solve their problems with online marketing

2. It’s an amazing asset that makes people aware of you and draws them to you

3. Good  way to build a network or a client base

4. Long-term strategy to help move me to the next level

5. A Blog allows for individual page optimization and SEO ranking

6. A viable way to advertise inexpensively

7. It’s a teaching-learning tool. I research themes and use these for team resources

8. I took the advice of a very successful person and I am just doing what he does

9. Blogs allow me to teach and learn from sources all around the world

10. Blogs are dynamic and totally interactive

11.  Lead generation

12. To help define me as an expert in the industry

13. To use it as a resource for prospect positioning

14. A blog allows me to get out whatever is on my mind and it is low cost exposure

15. One of the cornerstones of online business and it is free

16. It helps to spread my name. The more I write, that faster it spread

17. Many top earners have blogs, why not me? Information sharing, personal branding

18. To become successful like many of my mentors

19. Keep my affiliates updated with new products and communication

20. I refer prospects to my blog to answer their objections

21.  It’s a great relationship building tool

22. Compared to a website, a blog is easy to update and edit

23. It’s the perfect tool for connecting with other people in order to help them

24. It’s the face of my business, the first thing that people usually see when they come on my site.

As you can see, there are a lot of good compelling reasons for having a good internet marketing blog. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but for a business owner who wants to get a bit of a jump on their competitors it’s an obvious choice.

 Daily Marketing Coach is my strategy. What is Yours?

Having a blog is allowing us business owners to talk to contacts that we wouldn’t be making otherwise. What could having a Internet Marketing Blog mean for your business? Think of the possibilities!!

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