The 3% Solution

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How the 3% Solution Is The Driver

I’m sure that all of you have heard about the 80/20 rule. It identifies basic things such as 80% of the people only account for some 20% of the wealth. Or that 80% of the worlds debt is held by only 20% of the population. It even occurs in nature as well. Only 20% of the atomic table elements account for 80% of all substance on the face of the earth. You get the idea.

Well I’m here to tell you that it is being replaced by the 97/3 rule. That’s right. Only 3% of the population now owns 97% of the wealth. Seems preposterous doesn’t it? The sad part is, it’s true. It almost seems demoralizing until you realize that there is still one heck of a lot of wealth contained in that 3%. As long as you don’t mind sharing with people.  A LOT of people.

There is another solution though.  The 3% solution.  And to use it to become part of the 3% that owns all the wealth, that makes all the decisions, that solves the world’s problems. That is certainly my goal and I encourage you to make it yours as well. I don’t think it is nearly as difficult as you might think when you first put your mind to it. You see there is a little known fact that I learnt from an old friend of mine that changes everything and really goes a long way towards leveling the playing field.

But first I want to make an observation. Have you ever wondered about whom the folks are that the preacher is hoping to reach during his sermon? Or whom the speaker at a motivational seminar is trying to spur into action? How about the financial talk show host who is cajoling us to put aside some money for our retirement and to take care of it ourselves?

The Secret Of The 3% Solution


The 3% Solution

They are all talking to everyone in their audience but at the same time they realize that there is not likely to be more than 3% of their listeners that are going to be motivated to the extent that they will take action. I’m talking real action here, not sit there and dutifully take notes type of action. That isn’t action, that is procrastination. And I should know, I’ve done it enough.

Action looks more like this. You take a few short notes ,but then you begin to plan. And you begin to interact with the speaker (either there in person or via some other method) until you have all the information required for you to start implementing your plan. And then …wait for it…you implement your plan!!

Isn’t that wonderfully simple? Of course it is. But do you know that only 3% will ever do it. That’s why it is called the 3% solution. It could be called the 97% dissolution because 97% of the people are just there for entertainment. Oh, I know they will rail against that suggestion and rationalize their behavior, but facts are facts.

So all you and I have to do to be in that 3% is to not do the things that the 97% do. Don’t sit there and take notes. Don’t be just another observer. Don’t be just another planner. Be a doer. Be a person of action and get things done. Make clear targets and take steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be. And do something every single day to get you closer. That means on Sundays, on New Year’s Day and on Christmas and Thanksgiving too. And yes, on days that Dancing With the Stars is on and NASCAR  is running and the Phantom Of the Opera are playing.

Because as sure as God made little green apples, as soon as you start to justify or rationalize or marginalize, you immediately start acting like a 97%er. Because that is exactly what you are allowing yourself to be! Is that what you want? Or are you giving yourself permission to give up? I can’t answer for you… I have my own 3% solution to create.

Till Next Time….

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4 Responses to “The 3% Solution”

  1. Hale Yes Says:

    Yup. I want to be in that 3%. What is also sad is that when the 80/20 rules was dominant, there was a very small group down at the VERY bottom. This group seems to be on the rise!

    You write very well! Oh Hale Yes!
    Hale Yes recently posted…Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging- C #4- Content is KingMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Me too Hale… I need to take that action!



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You are so right and I am just as guilty.I have attended many seminars and taken just notes. That will have to change. I will have to take action instead, thanks for reminding me


    sigrid Reply:

    You are very welcome Dagmar..



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