3 Top Ways To Annihilate Your Fear Of Change

Learn To Embrace Change Instead Of Having A Fear Of Change

I used to hate change. There I’ve said it. I had a fear of it, the fear of the unknown, the fear that I would appear stupid because I didn’t know how to react to the change. The only time there was no fear of change was when I was the one creating the change. Seems odd doesn’t it? Have you felt the same way about change? You don’t like it unless you are the one creating the change? Or maybe you still have a fear of change even when you are the one in control. This post will help you understand change and how to address your fear of change.

Losing The Fear Of Change By Understanding It

Boats, Corks and Rock: The 3 Types Of People

Boats are the kinds of people that create change. They are the first out of the gate (sometimes never seem to be behind acork gate), and they are always creating waves of change. There is always a wake of debris behind them as others try to avoid the debris and the rooster tail that the boats seem oblivious they are creating. It’s good to be a boat unless you crash into another boat. Then there is a major debris field.

Corks are those that just bob along and more or less go with the flow. These are the yes-men of change. They are opportunistic and tend to be survivors of change. If change is small or occurs slowly, then they just move along for the ride. It is only when change is sudden or very large, that being a cork can be fraught with peril, especially if there is a lot of debris moving about. Then being a cork can be a challenge. Corks have a fear of change when it is large or sudden change.

fear of change Rocks don’t like change and rocks don’t change. They are resistant to change. Change washes over them, and there they sit totally unmoved. Until the tide comes in, or a wave goes over them. Then they are submerged and are pretty much useless as change swirls around them. Big changes can cause rocks to roll about and just vanish. Even small changes constantly eat away at rocks, gradually eroding them and turning them into sand before washing it away. Being a rock isn’t a good or a wise thing to be. It’s hard to be a rock.

1. Know Who You Are And How Change Affects You

By knowing how you react to change, you can begin to work on your reaction. It is a lot easier now that you understand it, and you can see the implications of being what you are. It is fine to be a cork as long as you recognize that is what you are, and you are ready to become a boat if you have to in order to escape the debris that swirls around during big changes.

2. Alter Your Perspective

It is so easy to see the negatives around change and what impacts those will have on you. But as the old saying goes, ‘It is an ill wind that blows no one any good’. There are sure to be positives that come from change as well. Look for the positives and move to them. Embrace them and you begin to embrace change. In fact, you will likely see small changes that you can make to facilitate the benefits of change. Congratulations. You have just gone from rock to cork to boat. Sometimes you will have to take a long view or a big picture perspective in order to see the positive changes that change will bring. Don’t be discouraged, keep looking.

3. Press On, Keep Your Feet Moving

embrace change

Don’t allow change to take you off your game or to stop you in your path. There is always another opportunity up ahead as a result of change. You have to look for it, they don’t always leap right out at you. Get prepared to leave your comfort zone and get used to being outside of it and in an area of growth. That is where the true potential of change exists. In growth. Being a rock is too easy. And in the long run, too costly. Realize that all the best seats, all the prime spots, and all the prizes go to the boats. Those that see the value in change and aren’t afraid to embrace it. Or even if they are, don’t show it and just embrace it anyhow. Over time, it will be inside your comfort zone, because you have become so familiar with the concept of constant improvement and change.

Which one resonates with you? A rock, a cork or a boat?

Till Next Time

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10 Responses to “3 Top Ways To Annihilate Your Fear Of Change”

  1. Joan Says:

    Great post Sigrid! Love sharing value!!! I look forward on seeing more of your work my friend! Shared for you all over!

    Have a great weekend,

    Take care,
    Joan recently posted…How To Write Persuasive Web Content And Start Implementing It TodayMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you so much for the kind words and the shares Joan. It is much appreciated.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…WordPress Not Working ProperlyMy Profile



  2. Nate Leung Says:

    I feel that I am a boat. Lol.

    I do like to create change and evolve. That’s what life is all about, you have to evolve if you want results and change in your life.

    People who do the same thing over and over never get the results they desire.

    Great post Sigrid!
    Nate Leung recently posted…Harvey Mackay – The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World Book ReviewMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you Nate, you see the value in change…
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…WordPress Not Working ProperlyMy Profile



  3. Etieno Etuk Says:

    Awesome post, Sigrid. I’ve never heard anyone else put it the way you put. The one that resonated with me is the boat. There is one thing that is constant and that is change. Once you fully recognize this, then you’ll be more apt to embrace change and adapt to it quickly. We should work on expanding our comfort zone as we grow each day. You’ll realize that if you do this, your comfort zone will get bigger and what you once feared, you no longer fear.

    Powerful insights in this post, Sigrid. Thanks for sharing!
    Etieno Etuk recently posted…Some Attraction Marketing Secrets That Can Fuel Your Business EngineMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are very welcome Etieno…
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…WordPress Not Working ProperlyMy Profile



  4. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Sigrid, traveling has helped me big time in the change department.

    Living in a new part of the world for a few months or weeks taught me to embrace big changes, and to be nimble.

    It pushes me off my routine, and makes me be flexible….and if I resist, I regress.

    I still resist change at times but I am thrown frequent curve balls as wake up calls, to get going, stop resisting, and start changing.

    Thanks for sharing the awesome post!!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…You Down with OPP?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Ryan,it sounds fascinating!
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…WordPress Not Working ProperlyMy Profile



  5. Tom Fuszard Says:

    Yes, embracing change is so important, Sigrid. I can tell from experience how easy it is to become complacent, and end up stuck in an unhappy position.

    The big change for me involves embracing and using new technology. I’m a desktop man, but the world has moved into the mobile arena. It’s a little scary, but I know I can adapt. Good column, Sigrid.
    Tom Fuszard recently posted…Reminders regarding your online presenceMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    I’m with you Tom, I need to move into that arena as well…
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…WordPress Not Working ProperlyMy Profile



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