40 Ways To Attract All The Clients You Need

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 40 Ways To Attract All The Clients You Need

Attracting Clients

This is part one of a series of blog posts on how to attract all of the clients you need. The series is based upon teachings by Fabienne Fredrickson, “Your Client Attraction Mentor”.

The key is to systematically add these to the way you market yourself and you’ll get results. Start today, and do one at a time.

 1. Write Out What Separates You From Competition 

     What makes you unique? What do you do that the competition does not? What does your competition do that you do not? 

2. Break Through A Crowded Market With Something Unusual.

   What will attract people’s attention? Or catch them off guard? How can you shake things up a bit? What would attract your attention if it was you?

3.  Create a One-sheet Flyer or Brochure

     This one is self-explanatory.

4.  Figure Out The Hours You Want To Work

     This is important. If you do not set the hours that you want to work, you will be on call 24/7. It is hard to stay focused and can lead to burnout. 

5.  Cluster Your Client Appointments To Make Time For Your Marketing

     This fits in with number 4. This will allow better focus, as well as helps you respond instead of react. Your marketing will  actually get done!

6.  Get On Boards, Get Involved In Community, Be Visible 

      Find out where your market hangs out. Be involved. Be helpful. Help solve people’s problems. Become the “go to” person.  People will soon start wondering “Who is this person? I keep seeing them everywhere? 

7.   Create Regular Systems For Client Attraction

      When you have a system in place, you don’t have to think about it. It works 24/7.

8.    Make Clients Feel Special

        Don’t we all like to feel special? Like someone really cares?  Ask them. Remember things that they have told you about  their lives, their families and about what is important to them.   

9.   That’s Exactly What I Need!

        Describe your services in a way that prospects will say “ That’s exactly what I need!”.  People are always looking for solutions to their problems.  Will you be the one to help them solve it? 

10.  Create A Call To Action

        Create a call to action to make prospects eager to contact you. What will make them want to know more right away? What attracts them to you?

Stay tuned for part 2. What methods have you already implemented? What methods will you add? 

Till Next Time….

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