40 Ways To Attract More Customers Part 2

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 40 Ways To Attract More Customers Part 2

Attracting Clients

This is part 2  of a series of blog posts on how to attract all of the clients you need. The series is based upon teachings by Fabienne Fredrickson, “Your Client Attraction Mentor”.

The key is to systematically add these to the way you market yourself and you’ll get results. Start today, and do one at a time.

11. Collect Names Religiously

Collect names every where you go. Write them down or save them as you will not remember them later.

12. Use a Database Management System

       It is important to keep a data base of your contacts. Do not use a company replicated site for this.

13. Have a Success/accountability Partner

An accountability partner will help keep you focused and on track. People will often do more for others than themselves because they don’t want to let them down.

14. Surround Yourself With Supporters, Not Nay-sayers

       You want to associate with positive people in your life. Negative dream-stealers will bring you down.

15. Get a Really Good Marketing and Business Coach

A good coach keeps you focused, and accountable.

16. Compliment Others

       Be genuine and sincere when you compliment others. It could be for their great customer service, their great smile. 

17. Show How Much You Care

Think about how you can help and support others. Before you think about what you want. People don’t care about how much you know but about how much you care.

18. Celebrate Your Wins- Don’t Take Them For Granted

Too often people focus on their failures and forget to celebrate their wins. Celebrate the little things on life as well as the big ones.

19. Reward People For Sending Referrals

Set up a reward system for people who send you referrals. It could be coaching, free products or services.

20. Give Simple Information/Don’t Inundate Prospects

       Too much information confuses people and a confused mind says no.


Part 3 coming up next. Which strategies will you implement?

Till Next Time…

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