5 Critical Steps to Growing Your Business

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5 Critical Steps to Growing Your Business



A friend of mine sent this along to me yesterday and I just had to share it with all of you. First of all I want to thank my good friend Charlie Cook for sharing this information with me. He is truly one of the great teachers in the industry.

Now whether you have been in business for thirty years or just started last week these 5 Critical Steps apply. It is absolutely key that you do ALL five steps, only getting one or two done won’t do it. Not if you’re wanting to be the success that I know you want to be. And it goes without saying that they have to be done in the order that they are presented.  Anything else just wont cut it. Ready, here goes!


1.  Become Visible

You have to be able to get people’s attention. In today’s world you have mere seconds to make that crucial first impression so you have to make it count. You also have to have a proven system to filter out all the non-qualified prospects so you are only putting your time and energy into people that will really matter. If you have the ability to solve other people’s problems then you have to make sure that they know about you.


2.  Get People to Come To You

The last thing that you want to be doing as a business owner is chasing after people and trying to get them to look at your business. It’s important that they come to you as a first contact so you need to make it very, very easy for them. You need a system that allows people to contact you easily via email or phone or text. The critical part of the process is making sure that you connect back with them in a timely fashion. That single thing alone will set you apart from over 90% of all networkers.



3. Building relationships

People do business with people that they trust. It’s as simple as that. In order to trust someone you have to know what they are about and what they are like.  By having an effective process of following up (just checking-in) and continuing to provide value over a period of time you can demonstrate to people that you have the ability to solve their problems. Your specific market (or niche) will have specific wants and needs that you can fill and become the expert in. Qualified prospects will respond to and move towards someone who they see as a leader in a particular niche.


4.  Obtain Agreement (Get Permission)

When you are involved in the process of sales there is a series of agreements that are made between the seller and the buyer.  It starts with a simple response to your hello and then moves through an exchange of information whereby you have obtained their permission to go to the next step. That could involve their agreement to be on your email list, to get back to you in a week’s time or to purchase something from you. If you don’t have an effective system to get their buy-in you’re going to end up losing opportunity and sales.


5. Finish The Sale

In so many ways this is the most critical of all the steps (and the one most often missed by businesses) because it provides the most value. Once the physical sale is over you must have a system that allows you to stay in touch with your buyer.  As Blair Singer puts it ‘You must go back into the lion’s den’.  What he means that is you need to contact the buyer to find out how they liked the product or service and what improvements you can make for the next sale.  This communication is vital for two reasons. It allows you to find out if they require additional products (or other products) that you can provide on an on-going basis. Additionally it allows you to find out what they didn’t like or want from your product or service.  If you don’t have that information you can’t make the adjustments that allow you to continually grow your business.


6. Get Referrals

I know I said there are 5 steps but this one is too important to let slide.  Plain   and simple, there is nothing in the world that markets as effectively as word of mouth or referrals.  People listen to what their friends tell them and if you have followed all the other 5 steps this one is going to happen automatically for you. When people have been treated well and given value for their dollar they won’t hesitate to tell others. Always remember the converse is true as well, so make sure that their buying experience with you is a positive one. Satisfied people give great testimonials so don’t be afraid to ask for them!

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4 Responses to “5 Critical Steps to Growing Your Business”

  1. Bill Solano Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    These are some great tips, you over delivered with the sixth one. You can’t forget to ask for a referral.



    Anonymous Reply:

    Glad you liked them Bill. I have to keep reminding myself about those referrals…..



  2. CEZAR Says:

    Hi Sigrid – very informative post here. They really are 6 crucial steps. Too many people, including myself, forget to ask for referrals. Thanks for the reminder!

    Your blog looks great! Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to stopping by often :)



    Anonymous Reply:

    Hey thanks so much Cezar. I really appreciate you stopping by!



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