5 Negative Things About Blogs (Part Two)

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Top 5 Negative Things about Blogs

Yesterday we started looking at the top 5 negative things about blogs in an effort to try to bring some balance to all the promotion around creating and using blogs, especially in business. There is a widespread misconception that all you have to do is create a website for your blog and start writing, and the money will start rolling in. It isn’t quite that easy, and these two posts on the 5 negative things about blogs highlight some of the most common issues that you will run into.

5 negative things about blogs

There is still a fantastic opportunity to use blogs as a means to create income, but it will take more time and more effort than it seems at first blush. Read on and become familiar with the realities that you will have to deal with and then by all means, if it still feels like the best way to go, get writing. After all, it can be a lot of fun. Just don’t quit your day job yet.

There are literally tens of millions of people who are either writing blogs, or thinking of writing blogs, with an eye to creating income from them. This post is written aimed squarely at them. It isn’t meant to dissuade or to try to stop them from their goals, but instead offer a sober second look at some realities of blogging. I suppose instead of it being 5 negative things about blogs it could have been called something else.  5 negative things about blogs

These three negative truths about blogs complete the list that we started yesterday. Please read them and take them as they were intended, to be more like a brighter light being shone on something as opposed to a ‘danger, do not enter’ type of warning.

So What Are The Rest Of The 5 Negative Things About Blogs?

3. People Will Be Nasty To You

cloak of anonymityThis is the strangest of the 5 negative things about blogs, and the one that causes me the most heartache. It is a sad reflection on the human psyche that we derive such pleasure from taking shots at other human beings. It might be because they look different, or they don’t act the same way we do, or they think differently. Whatever the reason, the internet brings out the worst in some people. Wrapped in the cloak of anonymity, they feel emboldened to make comments about anything and everything. They will come at you for your spelling, your grammar, your use of the English language and your failure to include French and TikTok (the strange clicking language of the Phorfus island people). They will take issue with your opinions and thoughts, or the fact that you don’t have any. They will attack you personally and for no apparent reason except that they can. Accept it and ignore it. Grow a thicker skin. Consider the source and be glad they aren’t in any of your family photos.

4. You Likely Will NOT Make A Lot Of Money At First

This may seem obvious,  but there are tons of folks that assume that if you write a blog that somehow the dollars will just come rolling in. Not so much. In fact if you have any dollars coming in at all, you will be doing well. That said, if you are creative, and persistent, and just keep on writing and improving and tweaking and learning and growing, you will slowly eventually be rewarded for your efforts. It is just going to take far longer, and require a lot more effort and hard work than anyone ever told you about. The competition is fierce and there is lots of it. All you have to do is be better than the rest. See? Not so hard.   5 negative things about blogs

5. A Successful Blog Is Not Easy To Create

Good blogs don’t show up over night, nor are they easy to develop. Anyone who has ever written a successful blog will tell you that you need great content and that you need it often. And that great content alone is not enough. You have to shamelessly promote your blog wherever you go. In the real world and online. In social media and on article sites. Via comments on other people’s sites and blogs and via comments on your own. Reply to comments in a timely fashion and go the extra mile. You will have to keep tweaking your blogs content and your blogs appearance. Doing blogpost research and updating will take a lot of hours. A LOT of hours. This isn’t a quick wind sprint, it is a marathon. Many, many will start and very few will finish.

After reading all of the 5 negative things about blogging, you may be tempted to just say to heck with it and do something else, and I cannot say that I would blame you. On the other hand, if you like a challenge and if you feel you have something to share or contribute then come on in. The water’s fine.

Till Next Time

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3 Responses to “5 Negative Things About Blogs (Part Two)”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    You are so right, I can really relate to #3 and #4, as I have been really involved with both and I think #4 more than #3 though. I have had a few nasty people on my blog, and I just pretty much took the high road with them.

    Once I did that it was amazing how much respect I got from a lot more of my readers, and they even commented on that.

    #4 is the killer to most people that are blogging, they want instant results and are not willing to spend the time to make it a blog that produces results.

    I have been really in the blogging arena now for 10months and it has been rough, in the beginning I was spending so much time and money on it. I was wondering if I was ever going to make any money at it, and I made a choice that I would or I would die trying…..which brings me to where I am now, very successful.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the blogging, it is coming along great!
    Robert David Strong recently posted…What’s The Quickest Way To Make Money?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you Robert for sharing your experiences regarding these, and even more than that, your solutions! You are an incredible person with so much value to give and I just love your blog!


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Congratulations on taking the high road Robert. It is sometimes difficult for us to restrain ourselves and to remember that there is nothing to be gained by lowering oneself to the level that some negative people might stoop to.
    I am adding a link to your blog, http://www.robertdstrong.com so that others can enjoy and follow your excellent blog the same as I do.



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