5 Winning Moves You Must Master

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 Set Yourself Apart With 5 Winning Moves

So What ARE The 5 Winning Moves?

Body Language is increasingly important in social settings and vital to those of us that rely upon social interaction to promote our businesses. Even when we aren’t speaking, we can still draw people to us and be both intriguing and interesting. There is more to it than just being present or visible. Use some of these techniques the next time that you are in a social setting and send me the responses that you get. I’m sure that you will pleasantly surprised with the results.

1. Position yourself in the hot spot.

winning moves


The focal point of any room is the place where your eyes naturally linger when you are looking around a room. Usually it isn’t a fixture like the bar or a buffet table. It could be a lit up staircase or an elevated piece of art where you can count on not just being seen, but also being looked at repeatedly. If you place yourself in the focal hot spot and stand there solo with a self-assured look on your face, you will create a mystique. People are drawn to something or someone who piques their curiosity – a winning move .

2. Show your hands palms up.

Pushing your hands into your pockets, or crossing your arms, is the death knell for conversation. By hiding your hands you can be sending a subliminal message that you’re closed off and not interested in interacting. Rather than hiding your hands, hold them together in front of your body, and then move them open so your palms are exposed when you speak. This clearly conveys the message that you aren’t hiding anything.

“On a primitive level, your body is telling people ‘I’m not a threat. There’s nothing in my hands. I have nothing to hide,'” says Nicholas Boothman, author of ‘How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less.’

3. Lower the Volume of Your Voice

It’s a natural reaction to start to talk louder when you are in a noisy setting, like a crowded room or in a bar. We want to be heard so we just raise our voices, but this can backfire. People tend to veer away sharply from someone who talks at full volume. Conversely, people tend to lean in closer and pay more attention to someone who lowers their voice. So when speaking, tilt your chin slightly upward to allow your voice to project up and out. Then lay it on your listener as if you were telling him a secret.

4. Nod your head in Agreement

This concrete visual, that is the universal signal for yes, is a magnet people gravitate toward because it demonstrates agreement, understanding, and curiosity—all positive feedback that makes the speaker feel listened to and important. “You’re telling the speaker ‘Go on. Talk more. I like what you’re saying,'” says Boothman. And, we already know how much people like to hear themselves talk. The key here, though, is not to overdo it. Do not act like a bobble head doll. Nod only at key points in the conversation for a winning move, rather than doing it non-stop.

5. Syncronize your moves with those of the speaker.

Mirror the movements of the speaker.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we can all become bewitched by it.  “This type of mirroring is a nonverbal way of communicating ‘We’re equals,'” says Boothman. “You’re identifying with and endorsing what the other person is saying.” That in turn gives the speaker confidence to continue in a spirit of agreement, that you and she are in agreement and that you want to hear more of what she has to say.

Remember that listening is a skill, a highly valued one. Which of the 5 winning moves do YOU use?

Till Next Time….

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3 Responses to “5 Winning Moves You Must Master”

  1. Criss Murdoch Says:

    Sigrid – This was very helpful. I especially like the tip about open palms and how it communicates a non-threatening posture. Thanks!


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Criss. Have a super day!



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I agree with all of them .i think a sincere smile on your face helps also,thanks



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