7 Hot Tips On How To Make Your Blog Anything But A Success

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 Don’t Let Success Knock On Your Door

Most of us that have begun blogging in the last five years have been given a ton of advice (many of us are still getting some) on what we should, or should not, do with a blog. Partly in response to that, I have created a list that is a something of a parody on that theme. These are things that I am recommending that you should utilize in your blog,as long as you don’t want success to come knocking on your door. So, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, here we go.


Success TIPS

1. Don’t blog frequently. Certainly not on a regular basis like several times a week or god forbid, once a day.  Spread out your blogs, months apart if possible, like rain in the Sahara.

2. Blog on as many random things as you can think of. Central themes and anchoring issues are for the dull and uninspired, not for a free spirit like yourself.

3. Regularly insert random pictures and snippits of articles that make no sense to anyone. People like confusion and disorder. Well, some people do anyways ,and so what if you are attracting a juvenile crowd.

4. Boldly copy and paste other authors articles and posts.  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then surely plagiarism is akin to edification and adulation. This way you are keeping their words pure and not taking a risk on misquoting them.

5. Make sure your blog is loaded with bling. Most people aren’t coming to your site to read anything anyway, so you may as well entertain them. Think cheap and tawdry carnival when you are searching for a theme, and use as many plug-ins and add-ons as you can. People love the surprise of a pop up opt-in box, why not give them three or four, every minute?

6. Eyeball searing pulsating graphics are sure to get the reader’s attention, and while you’re at it why not add in some lime green text or something else that is virtually impossible to read. For a real hoot, use white text on a partially white background. People love to play the game of ‘guess what the rest of my message was?’

7. Try to avoid getting bogged down in short, meaningful, information laden posts. Go for the long and meandering, virtually pointless diatribes that rail against everyone and almost nothing.  Avoid providing value. It’s highly overrated.

If, for some reason, you actually are looking to create a valuable and successful blog that will form a part of your overall marketing plan ,then by all means study these tips. Then just make sure that you never implement any of them and you will be on your way to success.  

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  1. Diane Grant Says:

    This was great…. I love your sense of humor! Clearly identifing what not to do in this method really sets the picture firm in my brain! Thanks!
    Diane Grant recently posted…TestimonialsMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Diane!



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