7 Reasons Why You Didn’t Achieve Your Goals

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Why Set Goals?

The 7 Reasons You Failed With  Setting Goals



1. Goals do not support your life or business main purpose. Your goal that you chose is not congruent with you. It isn’t aligned with your reason for being. It was never part of the ONE THING that you wanted to accomplish in your life. Your goals have to support who you are and what you really want to do.

2. Lack of continual action. Goals can grow stale and fade quickly if they are not continuously acted upon. Do something every day towards your goal and reassess your activities at least weekly. Set mini-goals that are partway to attaining your Big Goal. Remember it is associated with the most important things in your life, so schedule time for it accordingly.

3.  Lack of commitment. It is easy to get swept up in setting goals that seem like a good idea at the time, or because of peer pressure. New Years Day health related goals are prime examples of this. Make sure that it is YOUR goal, and not a response to the wishes and desires of friends and family. It’s great that other people will support your quest for your goal, but it is you who will have to do the heavy lifting so make sure you are really committed.

4.  Goals that do not inspire. Your goal has got to excite you and inspire you. Make sure that you set your goals with a wow factor. Don’t set plain black and white goals, set them in Technicolor and make them very specific so you can visually see them.

5.  Loss of focus. It’s easy to let your goals slide out of focus when ‘life’ takes over. Often goals are made at the best possible moments in our life, and it becomes easy to delude ourselves into thinking that we will always have it in the forefront of our thoughts. In reality, goals tend to get lost in the mundane issues we face every day. You have to keep your goals on the front burner by putting up visual triggers that help to keep you focused. If you have a regularly occurring distraction, find a way to put a reminder of your goal in it so you don’t get taken off your game.

6. Goals are not positively focused. Every goal has to be put into the most positive possible terms. It is no secret that as humans we are drawn to things positive ,and repulsed from things negative. Reword goals that are negative in nature and bring a positive spin to them. As an example, don’t define a weight reduction goal as losing weight but rather as redefining your image. Your image should have specifics that are well defined.

7. Goals are not SMART. SMART goals are those that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. Goals that are SMART leave no room for gray or ambiguous thinking. They help to bring goals into focus, and let our subconscious mind clearly picture the goal that we are going to attain.

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