7 Things You Must Not Do In Business..EVER!

7 Things You Must Not Do In Business..EVER!


The chips are down, decisions have all been made and you’re waiting to see how your latest tweak is going to affect your business. Will it be enough to pull you back into the black? Or has it gone too far? Been on life support too long? Time ticks by slowly and you feel the urge for action – anything to break the tension. This is when many leaders crack and start to do things that just don’t seem rational after the fact. These seven things can bring the auctioneers hammer faster than the dispersal of an eccentric’s estate by out of town shirt-tail relatives.


Numero Uno Must Not Do

Continue to market everything you always have and what the heck, while you’re at it, why not add a few more speculative items to your product and service line. After all, you never know what lever you pull that will net you the jackpot. Concentrating on a few key profitable items is a mug’s game, right Mr. Gates?


It Takes Two To Tango

Hire more middle management. This is a good time to place as much distance between you and your front line people as possible. You don’t need to hear their sniveling about increased sales quotas with fewer resources and they don’t need to see the fear in your eyes. Another layer of fat helps a lot of animals float better anyway doesn’t it. Trimming fat and losing managers that are no longer functioning is a sure sign that you’ve lost your business direction and are searching for a turnaround. Avoid this at all costs.


Threes a Crowd

Cut back, waaaaay back on marketing and the frivolity of advertising. Times are tough, no need to spend the last of your credit trying to amp up sales. It’s the best time to be ordering up drinks, rearrange the deck chairs and listen to the band play.  Aggressive marketing and sales campaigns on your top key profit making products should be viewed with the same disdain as bone rattling and magic smoke from a witchdoctor dancing around your bed.


Four Play

Take the spending controls off expense accounts. The time to play Scrooge has long since passed, may as well let the boys and girls have some fun. Why not schedule that trip to Hawaii or that long golf weekend? Customers and clients alike will be impressed by the lavish dinners (drinks included) that your sales reps take them on. Restricting spending to only profit making activities and customer satisfaction might indicate that you are cheap, poorly financed or gasp, fiscally responsible. Be careful.


The Drive For Five Is Still Alive

Broaden your repertoire, Include all sorts of arcane and unusual services and products. Use the shotgun approach to marketing, you’re a shallow river, a mile wide and an inch deep. People flock to see the odd and different, and sometimes (maybe not so often) they reach in their pockets and pull out a coin or two. Having a narrow focus can lead to tunnel vision and everyone knows that niche marketing is just a fad or at most a cool, trendy buzz word.


This Old Man, He Played Six

Quit fooling around with this positive attitude stuff. That doesn’t bring clients in and in fact, it might even scare some off. Believing you are a winner and giving your sales staff that same attitude is old school. You want to be more touchy feely and besides you don’t need to change what’s already working. Well, sort of working. Ok Ok, not working so well but you have your reputation to consider. The old iron will, never give an inch, devil take the hindmost sort of thing. Positive thinking and believing that you are a success will wear you down after awhile. People are nervous around positive people, especially if they have identity issues. Read ‘Good People Aren’t Hard To Find’  for more on this.


Finally, Seventh Heaven

As a last resort, turn on the TV. Maybe the answer is on one of the reality shows. Or on Oprah, everyone knows she has all the answers. Certainly has all the money doesn’t she? I don’t think going to research books on sales and marketing techniques will help you all that much. Just think about the downside. Let’s say you try a few things and they actually work and you make some sales. What now? There are going to expect something for their money,  so now you have the hassle of rounding up product or having to provide services just to satisfy them. Better to just shutter the doors and go home and cry in your beer.


Eight is Enough

Ok, by now I am sure you have gotten the point. And, hopefully a smile or two along the way. Although this post was written tongue in cheek there is a message in here for you and I. Ignoring basic common sense in business is fatal. Narrow your focus to your niche, provide value and only spend on things that will provide positive cash flow. Identify your customer’s problems and provide solutions. And, retain your sense of humor, because there are some days when that is all that will get you through.

Till Next Time….


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10 Responses to “7 Things You Must Not Do In Business..EVER!”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    What a very creative post, we really like it, has a very unique feel to it, something that you just do not read everywhere.

    There is a great deal of truth to these 7 things – many of our clients fall into these 7 things often, or at least they think they do. We have to show them where their customers are coming from and how the marketing is really helping them, so they do not lose everything.

    Thank you for sharing


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Robert, thanks for your insightful comment. I’m glad you like this post! I had a lot of fun writing it and wanted to do something cretive with material that can get old from overhearing the message.



  2. Damayanthi Says:

    Very interesting post Sigrid.
    Damayanthi recently posted…How to build great relationships and get your prospects to trust you?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Damayanthi, glad it caught your attention



  3. Bill Solano Says:

    HI Sigrid,

    These are great tips to avoid if you want to grow your business.

    Bill Solano recently posted…New Network Marketing: Things to Consider when Selecting a New Network Marketing OpportunityMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are very welcome Bill.



  4. joel pashkin Says:

    “Continue to market everything you always have” certain death for sure!
    joel pashkin recently posted…Life After Retirement ContinuedMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You said it Joel!



  5. Marquel Russell Says:

    Great Post, Sigrid!!

    It’s very unique but insightful!! Staying away from the Electronic Income Reducer a.k.a The TV is very important! we have to be very conscious of what we’re putting into our minds and we don’t have much control in situations like watching TV! Keep up the Great Work!!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell


    sigrid Reply:

    Ha ha Marquel. I love the “Electronic Income Reducer”! You are so right.



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