9 Fatal Follow-up Flaws

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How Many Of These 9 Fatal Follow-Up Flaws Are You Committing?

Everyone it seems has heard the old saw, ‘The fortune is in the follow-up’. Now while that is indisputably true, there is a lot more to it than that. The old strategy of hounding people till they either gave in and made a purchase, or just simply expired, has thankfully pretty much gone by the wayside. I’m sure you have made the same error as me. That of expressing just the slightest interest in Cousin Eddies latest discount doodad, and consequently suffered through the resulting dozens of calls, personal visits, threats, cajoling and whining, all in the hopes that we would crack our wallets open.

9 fatal follow-up flaws

No one wants to be like Cousin Eddie, where people turn and flee at your approach, but yet you do have to somehow get your follow up process to be effective and timely. There are more ill conceived and poorly planned follow-up procedures than you can imagine, but I have picked out 9 fatal follow-up flaws that you just can’t afford to have in your process.

So What Are The 9 Fatal Follow-up Flaws

1. Poor Email Sequencing

There is no doubt that you clearly understand the value of email sequencing, but there is a very precise formula that triples or even quadruples your results when followed exactly.

2. Your Follow-up Offer

Your follow-up offer has to be more than just a reason to click the button in a dispassionate way. It should come across as an unexpected bonus, over and above the incredible value that you are already providing.

3. Your Thank You Page

Your prospects will be referred onto your thank you page, and on it you will want some very specific copy that will help move them through the process and onto the next informed buying decision. 9 fatal follow-up flaws

4. The FAQ Email

This can be a huge time saver for you. Many of the same questions keep coming up over and over, so why not fire a pre-emptive strike that addresses many of their fears, worries and concerns. Learn which ones are common to almost all prospects.

5. Your Thank You Email

Learn how to craft an email that will show your prospects that you value them for being the assets that they are. Show them what they have gained, and how much more there is to be gotten by utilizing their basic skills with only a modest investment.  9 fatal follow-up flaws

6. Your Specifically Designed Email Routine

There is a certain fundamental sequence that has to be followed to produce amazing results over and over, no matter who your prospects are and regardless of their background or experience levels. Learn exactly what order to send the topical emails in, and how far apart the delivery should be. This is by far the most important of the 9 fatal follow-up flaws to overcome. Detail matters. So much more than you would think.

7. Testimonials

I’m sure that you know the value of testimonials, but did you know that some types of testimonials carry much more weight than others. Let your current customers do the selling for you.

8. Guarantees

Complete Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. We hear it all the time, so why doesn’t it work better? Learn how to create a guarantee that will be a decision maker for people by eliminating all the risk in the equation for the buyer.

9. Procrastination and Bonuses

do it nowThis is the ‘carrot and stick’ approach that acknowledges that it is human nature to waffle and to wait. The bonuses, being time sensitive, help to spur on the buying decision and to help motivate the prospect into action. Discover how bonuses work to get your prospect to sign on for your upsell.

Triple your income and more from your lead list just by eliminating these 9 fatal follow-up flaws. They are all clearly explained along with a foolproof approach to design an email response program tailored to your business in DMC’s Pipeline Profits. Clear step by step instruction on how to turn your email list into a cash generating machine.

Best of all, this is only a small portion of all the services that DMC have to offer. If you’re not getting the results you want with the system that you’re using for follow up (or maybe you were like I used to be and had no system at all), then do yourself a huge favour and have a look at this. Do it today and begin realizing the values of it in the form of dollars in your bank account tomorrow.

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8 Responses to “9 Fatal Follow-up Flaws”

  1. Linda O'Rourke Says:

    Thanks Sigrid some great tips there.
    Linda O’Rourke recently posted…43 Ways To Master How To Build A Blog And Promote It Without Breaking A SweatMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Linda.



  2. Rachel Williamson Says:

    Wow, I don’t know that anyone gets all nine right, but you sure gave us something to live up to! Thanks, Sigrid.
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Are You Getting Your Fair Share?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are very welcome Rachel!



  3. Jory Fisher Says:

    Thank you once again, Sigrid. Will you be posting the “very precise formula” for email sequencing that will triple even quadruple our results? :-)

    Curious minds want to know!


    Jory Fisher recently posted…Ultimate SacrificeMy Profile



  4. Sigrid McNab Says:

    aha Jory, that is coming :)
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Five Things That Winnie The Pooh Can Teach Us About BloggingMy Profile



  5. Martin Says:

    You are right,
    that is such a powerful sequence.

    I can’t relate to threats though. Hope I never do.

    To be honest, there are quite a few pieces to this follow up puzzle that I need to work on.

    Thanks so much for the reminder,
    Martin recently posted…How to Take Advantage of Instagram at Your BusinessMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are very welcome Martin..



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