A Pickin’ And A Grinnin’ (Sunfest West)

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A Pickin’ And A Grinnin’ (Sunfest West)


Sunfest Rolls Into Town



Well not exactly into town but close enough. The annual Mid-Island brouhaha that features a line-up of over thirty of today’s country stars, both bright and somewhat dimmer, known as Sunfest, rolls into Duncan this weekend. Duncan is a small, otherwise sleepy town we drive to to get feed and tractor parts for the farm. Otherwise there isn’t much reason to go.


A Sea Of Tin At Sunfest

There sure is this weekend. There was over a thousand campers and RV’s, trailers and tents there last year for the four day extravaganza and it promises to be even bigger this year. Some good friends of ours that own an RV sales and service company, Hub City RV.ca  (there you go Gord and Christy, there’s a plug for you) have set us up with a 25 foot travel trailer for the event. Last year at Sunfest we came and went everyday, but we are staying for the whole she-bang this year.


Onsite Reporting Live At Sunfest

It promises to be quite a show, and I plan to take along my laptop so I can do some blogposts from there to give you a flavour of what it is like when it’s party time here on the island. Most of the year it is usually a pretty laid back place, but we do like to celebrate and have some fun. Sunfest gives us an excuse to do just that, or maybe it is really the other way around and that it is our desire to have a good party that brought us Sunfest. At any rate it is a great excuse to come to a gorgeous place to hear some mighty fine music.


Just Another Day In Paradise

For those of you poor, unfortunate folk that have never been to the island (Vancouver Island to be exact) all I can do is extend my condolences and an invitation to come to a place that rivals Ireland for green in the spring and early summer. I will post some more about the island in a future post, but as one guy who lives in Hawaii told me when I said mentioned I was from Vancouver Island, ‘Man, what are you doing here? You already live in Paradise!’ 


Sunfest Forecast: Hot Tunes, Sunshine And Cold Beers

Turns out he is right and we are indeed blessed that we do live in Paradise, and this weekend thanks to Sunfest, we are going to have a heavenly time of it too. Even Mother Nature has gotten into the act and she is going to provide us with four days of pure sunshine, the perfect backdrop for hearing some country bands and having a few cold ones. I can’t wait. Bring it on!

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