A Seven Sun Forecast

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 A Seven Sun Forecast

What Is a Forecast?

A forecast is a quick glimpse into the future and if it is accurate, can be used to allow you to modify your environment to deal with or take advantage of the forecast. Most people think of a forecast as being restricted to the ones that we see on TV read by the meteorologist of the day. In reality one can use forecasts for many things and often they are very heavily relied upon by many others. Some people use forecasts to plan investment moves in stocks and precious metals and still others use them to determine when to buy and sell housing, etc.

But A Seven Sun Forecast?

I usually check the forecast when I first wake up to see if the update has changed any since the evening before. Every day the weather is denoted by either a symbol that describes the over-riding element of the day be it rain, snow, fog of sun. This morning for the first time this year there was a sun in every day of the coming week. This is definitely the best weather forecast of 2012. It also is forecasted to be in the nineties for this coming week which is plenty hot for here.

What’s In The Forecast?

As I just alluded to, we typically don’t get a lot of weather in the nineties nor do we get much at minus ten. It’s a well known ‘fact’ however, that it rains here all the time. At least that’s what people who live elsewhere say and we like to agree with them for purely selfish reasons. The truth is we get just under fourty inches of rain a year and we have over twenty two hundred hours of sunshine annually so we aren’t too hard done by. We don’t get hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, blizzards, landslides or locusts. So all in all our forecast is pretty damn sweet. And I am betting so is yours.

Why Is Your Forecast So Good?

Odds are if you are reading this, your corner of the world isn’t embroiled in a civil war, or a huge natural disaster or a spate of nightly, random drive by shootings. If you’re like me, then maybe you should look closer to see not so much what’s in your forecast (or your future) but what isn’t there. Because, just like my seven sun forecast that doesn’t include rain or ice storms, your forecast for the coming week likely doesn’t include anything so negative that it would consume all your time just dealing with it. For many folks around the world it does. For them it’s a case of trying to find enough food or water to make it another day. To avoid being shot or blown up or otherwise knocked out of the game.

My Forecast Is For Endless Sunshine

So if you hear me starting to complain about the oppressive heat and the humidity that we aren’t used to, just give me a little smile and tell me it ain’t so bad. Because believe me, it’s not. You and I are really sitting in the catbird seat. Enjoy.

Till Next Time….

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