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 Who is Sigrid McNab?

Sigrid McNab was born in Calgary, Alberta,  Canada  but moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia  at the age of nine when her dad grew tired of his garden continually freezing in Calgary. She has moved around the central island a number of times and is waiting for her home in Mexico to be ready before her next move. Sigrid is married to Archie and is the proud mother of Gabriel, who graduated from the University of Victoria and Madalina who is a passionate horse rider.

Sigrid began her working career as a babysitter at age twelve and then moved on to being a server at a local high end restaurant before beginning a career in her chosen field as a laboratory technologist with an advanced degree in Microbiology and Departmental Management. She excelled and ascended rapidly becoming the liaison with fourteen hospital labs before taking an extended hiatus with the arrival of her children. Her desire to be free to schedule her own time, and not have to “ask her boss” for health appointments for her children led to Sigrid doing diligent research and joining a network marketing company.

Her continuing desire to help others made this business a perfect fit for her dynamic schedule. She is always looking for new ways to help others achieve their dreams whether they are health or finance related. In order to share her information with the most people possible, she has created this website with the intent of providing value and solutions to other people’s problems.

Sigrid is a consummate learner, and has spent a good deal of time and resources on training and self-development in various fields. It is this well grounded and diverse base that gives Sigrid a unique approach to problem solving and she is committed to providing value and information to her blog readers.

If YOU want to join a proven leader in developing a business, then Sigrid would love to talk with YOU.

Please give her a call and she will share with YOU the opportunity  for financial freedom!

Sigrid McNab


Email: Sigrid McNab

BLOG : www.sigridmcnab.com

Cell: 250.954.8416

Skype: sigrid.mcnab


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