Affiliates…Who Needs Them?


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Affiliates…Who Needs Them?


I want to look at this topic from a little different perspective than normal. What if it was us who had an affiliate program that we were promoting?  I can see that in the beginning I would be delighted to have anyone and everyone sign up for my link to promote it and get the widest exposure that I could achieve. If I had an affiliate program I would become very selective about whom I promoted it to. After all, if I have a program in the first place, I must feel that I have something of value that I want to share with others. 


It Looks Just Like Me


It may not seem important but the quality of the website that is promoting my affiliate link is a de facto reflection on me and my program. People do not disassociate websites or blogs from the products or services that the website endorses or promotes. If they did, it would certainly reduce the value of links that I would want to promote. That being said, there are a few criteria that an affiliate link should meet before you promote it.  This association goes both ways. People may not realize it,  but the links that they promote also reflect back on them and their blog or website.


My Own Google Slap

This is one of the reasons that I don’t love Google ads very much. As webmasters of a site we have very little (as in no) control over the ads that Google chooses to run. It does make for some interesting reading and occasional hilarity but it also can cause discomfort and embarrassment too.  As the webmaster I understand that I am judged by the content of the site and what takes place on it so it troubles me whenever changes can be made without me having a say in them.


Who Should You Promote?

1. Keep it consistent

It makes sense that you should be very selective about who you promote especially via an affiliate program. The affiliate link has to be consistent with your website (or blog) and can’t deter from your site, nor do you want it to distract. The fewer the outside options a visitor to your site has, the more likely they are to stay and read your site. Don’t allow your site to become cluttered with various affiliate links that have little to do with the content of your site or the niche that you are aiming at.


2. Keep the Best, Ditch the Rest

Only promote the links of websites that really bring value to the marketplace and are congruent with the vision and topics of your website. Don’t worry, you won’t run short of relevant products in this business, it’s one of the most heavily trafficked industries on the net. Personally I only like to promote those businesses that have been of great value to me and I personally have utilized their products. I am always looking for new ideas that I can pass along that will benefit other people. That way I never have to apologize for the links that appear on my blog and I can promote the value of those that I have with a clear conscience.  It’s a good feeling to tell others about things that can do them so much good.

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