All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter

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All That’s Gold Does Not Glitter


‘Thar’s Gold In Them Thar Hills’

Yes indeed, there is. And by all accounts lots of it too. In fact, if (and that’s a pretty big if) geology reports can be believed there could well be more gold mined in the next 20 years than there has been in the last 200. Why such huge interest in gold now? It’s really a very basic answer. Risk.


Gold : The Heaviest Thing To Keep You Afloat


Right now people look at the decimation in housing prices and the financial turmoil pretty much world-wide over the last four years and they get nervous. People turn to gold whenever there is upheaval and turmoil. Institutions want safe investments that they can show to their unit holders that are stable, hopefully growing and at the very least poised to make some gains. Europe is on the brink of a major financial meltdown that might see the end of the Euro as a single currency unit, the US is keeping their economy afloat (more like an iceberg these days) by printing more money, and the world holds its collective breath.


Hold Gold, Don’t Be Bold

Face it, there is risk everywhere. With gold, not so much. Yes, the price can rise and fall, but overall it is going to trend up as more as more people climb on the safety train with their investments, no longer willing to gamble on the track still being in place for their riskier financial plans. Financial advisors have long touted the wisdom of having at least 10% of all portfolios in gold and that figure will increase as the markets become more turbulent.


Gold Standard Take Two?

Gold is the only backing for monetary units that is universally accepted, no strings attached and more and more countries are going to use it as a hedge against bad things happening to the US greenback and the Euro. Gold production is not going to be able to keep up with the increasing demand and a serious premium will be paid to attain it. Within a very short period of time we are going to look back on this time when gold hovered around $1600/oz as the last good time to buy in at the low end prior to its run up the graph. I foresee that countries may not return to a gold standard, but that private individuals will.


Diamonds Are Forever, Gold Is For Today

When you consider that gold cannot be destroyed and that all the gold that has ever been mined is still in existence today, it has an amazing staying power. Its value has been proven out over and over again throughout history and it remains the one true value that is inversely tied to both financial and political turmoil. To educate yourself on why you should look at gold again, I would recommend that you include this in your research. The longer you look, the brighter gold shines.

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