Appointment With Fate

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Appointment With Fate

Your Appointment Vanished?

Just recently a good friend was telling me about how he was so frustrated with people failing to show for their appointments that he had resorted to collecting what amounted to a deposit from each person that he set an appointment with.  He had let one of the great truths in sales get to him, and he was determined to resolve the appointment issue once and for all.

Appointment No-Shows (The ‘N’ Word?)

I also know of a company that markets a product that is remarkably similar to some of the teachings of Robert Kyosaki who have had huge issues with no-shows to appointments in the past.  Their big focus has always been to provide an introductory meeting that is free of charge, and at that meeting to offer people the opportunity to further explore the income generating products and systems that they have available for purchase. When they gave the tickets to their events away, (all that was required was to call to confirm your attendance in order to secure a seat) they found that some 20-25% of the people just never kept their appointments.

Keeping Their Appointments

Their solution? To charge a $50 ‘seating deposit’ that is 100% refundable at the door. The clear logic here was that if folks put up their hard earned money, that they definitely would show up to the appointment in order to recover their deposit. And the result? This is hard to believe but true. Some 10-15% still do not show up to their appointment and instead elect to forfeit their $50 deposit. However, the company did achieve two unintended results with this policy. They weeded out those that were ill suited to attend (ie, didn’t have $50), and they amended the refund policy so that money was only refunded at the end of the introductory meeting.

Appointment Guarantees

This almost guaranteed that the promoters had a chance to deliver their message to what amounted to a captive audience. While it is a seemingly drastic route to take to ensure that your potential clients keep their appointments, it does help to offset the costs of setting up the meetings and providing the infrastructure that goes with it. While it may not work in your application, I wanted to share some of the sales mindset keys that Eric Lofholm covers in his business professional’s guide ‘How To Sell In The New Economy’.

Three Vital Appointment Keys

Erics lists three key components that you need to possess if you are to have any chance of sales success.

1. There are more appointments that can be set than you can possibly run. This is so true in today’s economy with so many people looking for ways to bolster their income or to replace the uncertain income they currently have.

2. There are too many leads. If you have an effective sales lead funnel you cannot fail, but have more people to contact than you have hours in the day.

3. Appointment setting is fun and easy. Once you realize that cancelled appointments and no-shows are part of the reality of sales, then you can come up with a wealth of productive strategies that will not just replace that appointment but leverage your time investment.  One of my favourites is to look around the meeting place location and then go talk to the person who best suits my ‘ideal prospect’ definition. You will be amazed at the results you can generate. I always am.

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