Are You A Gambler?

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Are You A Gambler?


Rich People Don’t Buy Lottery Tickets

Just a few days ago I was doing some research for a blog post that I was working on and I came across a rather telling statistic about gambling. It was embedded in an article about the wealthy and exactly what they spent their money on. I was really interested in two things that were mentioned that the rich typically don’t buy. First of all, unlike the vast majority of the population, the well to do don’t buy knickknacks. That means they don’t buy the velvet Elvis, the George Forman Grill or the Ronco PattiStacker.  Odds are you won’t find gaudy lawn ornaments, vehicles with low profile chrome wheels, or talking doormats at their homes either. They don’t spend money on superfluous trappings that have no discernible value.


Why The Wealthy Don’t Gamble


Those people that are truly wealthy do not buy lottery tickets and by and large don’t gamble a great deal. There is a really common sense reason why they don’t. It isn’t as though they don’t believe that real people actually win the lottery or that they see the whole gambling community as a huge conspiracy designed to separate Joe and Jean Six-Pak from their hard earned dollars. Instead it’s far more simple reason. They like to be in control of their own destiny and to have input into the results that are generated based on their efforts. When you gamble (buy lottery tickets) you have no input whatsoever into the outcome. It is simply left to chance.


Games Of Chance

That got me to thinking and wondering where else in life we might be leaving things to chance. Do you find yourself letting things slide in your business or leaving certain aspects to sort themselves out? How about your marketing? Is it purposeful and targeted or are you just throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks? Do you have a tracking system to check-in with your clients to see how they are doing with your product or service? As Blair Singer said, ‘you have to go back into the lion’s den to find out how well they liked what they purchased from you. ‘


Don’t Just ‘Let It Ride’

Did they get value for their money? Did you solve the problem that they had when they came to you? Is there something else they need? Is there a way to enhance what you already offer? All of these questions are valid and well intentioned but it is ONLY the answers that matter. And you can’t possible have the answers you need without asking the questions. Don’t leave your marketing and follow-up to chance. After all, you’re rich. And the rich don’t buy lottery tickets.

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