Average People vs. Rich People Part Four

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21 Major Differences in the thinking of Average People vs. Rich People

Steve Siebold spent nearly three decades studying and interviewing millionaires to find out what unique features made them different than ordinary people. What he found was quite interesting. In almost all cases the single biggest difference other than the obvious bank accounts was the thought patterns and processes of the average people vs. rich people. He published his findings and discovery in his book titled “How Rich People Think.” These 21 major differences are points that he brings up in his book and I recommend checking it out.

In the earlier parts of this series we began looking at why there is such a disparity between average people vs. rich people. It isn’t just in the bank account. The big differences lie in the thinking and decision making that direct the actions that result in a big bank account. So it makes sense that if you want the big bank account, you have to undertake the specific actions that the rich use to create it. And first there has to be a ‘rich thinking’ to define and guide those actions.

So Let’s Continue On With The 21 Major Differences In The Thinking Of Average People vs. Rich People

12. Average people live beyond their means. Rich people live below theirs.

‘Average people tend to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, whereas rich people live a beer lifestyle on a champagne budget’. That saying may not always be 100% true, but it is largely accurate. The average people are working to keep up with the Jones’ or to get ahead of them, whereas the rich have already surpassed the Jones’ long ago and have no reason to show it off.

Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko’s book, “The Millionaire Next Door” is based on the illustration of this point among others. Most rich people do not flaunt their wealth and instead live rather frugally. Lavish spending and latest gadget purchases are rare among the well to do.

Average People vs. Rich People

13. Average people teach their children how to survive. Rich people teach their kids to get rich. Wealthy parents teach their kids from an early age that the world is comprised of “haves” and “have-nots”. This is not so much to instil in them the idea that they are better than everyone else, but rather that there are two very different views of the world.

The rich are far better positioned to help the rest of the world,  and not just in the form of handouts. They have real skills, practical money making skills, that they can teach and foster to those who do not have money. That is a far more effective form of aid than just throwing money at the problem.  What the rich parents teach their children is to look at the world through the eyes of an analyst, and to be objective, and see things as they really are rather than viewed on an emotional level. If children understand and recognize the value of being wealthy and the options that it provides, they are much more likely to strive for it.

14. Average people let money stress them out. Rich people find peace of mind in wealth. Money (and the lack thereof) is the greatest stressor in life for average people vs. rich people and the peace of mind that they find in having money. Average people spend a great deal of their time in the pursuit of money, whereas the wealthy know where money is, and spend their time accumulating it as opposed to hunting it.

Average people are like hunters of money and their likelihood of success is based to a large degree on luck and circumstance. Rich people tend to be farmers of money and their returns are well thought out and designed to bring a maximum harvest. Skill is much more valuable than luck.

Wealthy people recognize that money will solve most of the problems that they face both currently as well as into the future, and they know of the peace of mind that having money brings. That feeling is infinitely superior to the fleeting gloating that comes from the acquisition of toys and gadgets by the average person.

Tomorrow we will continue on with the differences in the thinking of average people vs. rich people.  Until then think about this: Do you have peace of mind in wealth??

Till Next Time….

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