Black Friday and The American Election

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What Do Black Friday and The American Election Have In Common?

Black Friday Looms Large in the Red States

Today is Black Friday and the chance for our good neighbours to the south to show us just what capitalist consumerism is all about. Now I know that the footage on YouTube, and elsewhere, is going to show you the best of the eye gouging and elbowing each other out of the way for the last low-priced IPad, but there is one thing that likely won’t be shown until much later. Just like the final vote tally from the recent election, there won’t be a final tally on dollars spent by the hordes of shoppers in just one day, but it is realistic to expect that it will be a record.

There are some good reasons for that. The election is over, and like the results or hate them, the die is cast for another four years. That gives both business and the buying public a sense of stability, and nothing encourages spending like stability. Also add to that the fact that the American economy, fiscal cliff notwithstanding, is recovering much faster and stronger than anyone dared predict, and you have the ingredients for an in your face buying frenzy.

Black Friday

Some of the drive behind the shopping frenzy is driven by the fact that many consumers have gone through 3 or 4 Black Fridays without being able to spend money (or at least worried about spending money), due to concerns over their job security. It isn’t as though the election has changed any of that, but it has provided a psychological foundation that gives people the impression that the worst is over.

While those same sentiments may not be shared by the voters in the so called ‘red states’ of the south and the Midwest,  it is interesting to note that most of the most aggressive purchasing on Black Friday will be in those states. I’m not going to be foolish enough to suggest that all purchases are only made by political party members (after all less than 50% of Americans cast ballots), I am just making an observation.

Both sides in the election have reasons to be reliant on the government for actions that affect their disposable incomes. Many democrat supporters rely heavily on the government for various forms of income, and many republicans rely on the government and its taxation polices that allow them to keep a disproportionate amount of the dollars that they earn. And what impact does that have on Black Friday?

Just ask any store owner which type of customer he would prefer to have in his/her store today. One with dollars in their pocket to spend or one without?  The government is being counted on to provide both sides in the debate with money to spend. Good luck on that one.

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