The Bleachers and The Floor

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 Are You In The Bleachers, Or On The Floor?

I suppose that I am not too different from most folks, (though some members of my family might be willing to argue that point), in that I can often find myself taking a seat in the spectator’s gallery.  Not that there is anything wrong with watching the odd sporting event, stage presentation or even the Blue Guys beating on the PVC, it’s just that I have to keep myself from become a fixture in the seat. If I’m not careful, it is easy to become the one watching instead of being part of the big tableau that the onlookers see.

Working on my blog is one of the ways to get me out of my comfortable lounge chair and mentally get me in the game. By blogging, I am either dispersing information, teaching, or entertaining and occasionally doing all three if I happen to do it just right.  The point being, that in order to write I have to think, and in order to think effectively, I have to learn and in order to learn I have to become involved. In short, in order to write a meaningful blog, I have to get out of the bleachers and onto the floor.

the bleachers

The Bleachers vs. The Floor

The Bleachers

Thinking about that today made me wonder why do we want to stay in the bleachers? It’s a very short and very simple answer. It’s safe. Safe as a baby’s crib, or training wheels on your bike, or those ridiculous ‘water wing’ things that are designed to keep little Justin or Nicole from going under while they are perfecting their aquatic domination. There is no risk when you are in the bleachers.  Nothing bad will happen to you there. Nothing. Nothing at all. And that, friends and neighbours, is the nub of the problem.

line in the sandYou see, without something happening, nothing will change. Nothing. Now, I don’t know about you but I’m not living in Nirvana with frothy drinks in coconut shells. (OK maybe your idea of Nirvana is different than mine…but you get the point). We aren’t where we want to be. Not yet. But unless we move, or make something move, we aren’t ever going to get there.  As my dear old mom used to say, not even in a month of Sundays. 

The Floor

So as you can plainly see, we all have to get down here at some point. Sure, just like me you can resist but really, what’s the point? Sooner or later you and I are both going to have to take a stand for ourselves, draw our line in the sand, you pick your favourite metaphor. We need to get into action on the floor.

Now the floor is a dangerous place. It’s also the most exciting, gripping, heart pounding and rewarding place you will ever be. It’s the home of skinned knees and high fives, torn ACL’s and trophies. It’s the place where it all happens. Sure you can fall down. I have countless times. And you can also get back up. I have countless times plus one. That’s the way you have to be on the field.  And that’s all you have to do on the floor. Get up one more time than you get knocked down. Then one morning, or one evening, something magical is going to happen.

You’re going to come to realize that you are beginning to understand the game and how it’s played. being in the game You’re going to anticipate what’s going to happen and be ready for it. Then you are going to cause something to happen in the game and you are going to score a goal. And another. And another. When you look up in the bleachers where you used to sit, you’re going to see an ocean of people standing and applauding you. You might even recognize some of the people up there. Why not invite them down?

After all, being in the game isn’t as scary as it first appears. Scary is sitting in the bleachers, watching Father Time play around with your hourglass. How much sand do you have left? How much time do any of us have? As for me? Whatever sand is left…isn’t enough.

 Game on. Time to tip off. See you on the hardwood.

Till Next Time….

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10 Responses to “The Bleachers and The Floor”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You are so right, someone told me years ago at a selfimprovement seminar you can knock me down 7 times and I sill will get up on the 8th.I have always gone by that.Sometimes it will take a bit longer ,but you will get up


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so right Dagmar. The important thing is to get up the very next time…



  2. Rachel Williamson Says:

    Hi Sigrid, I do like your writing style! I never thought about sitting in the bleachers as a cop out, but I see that it can be. Hmmm, I guess watching the game on TV wouldn’t get you in the action either.

    Just kidding, if there is anything I admire and strive for, it is persistence. Don’t tell me I can’t do ‘whatever’ because that is exactly the next thing I will do. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Top 3 Obnoxious Questions and How to Respond EffectivelyMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Rachel. Sitting in the bleachers is fine as long as you recognize that’s what you’re doing…



  3. Carol Lamoreaux Says:

    Sigrid – Isn’t is so comfortable in the bleachers — until we find that is really isn’t all that comfortable after all! Anyone who has any desire what so ever to do anything in life needs to get down on the floor and get moving! Yes it’s scarey, yes it’s hard — but that’s what makes it so worth it!
    Carol Lamoreaux recently posted…Why You Need Your Own WebsiteMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Carol, you’ve got it exactly!



  4. Linda O'Rourke Says:

    Hi Sigrid

    What a great post. It is very true that many people want to say in the bleachers but how much more is exciting is it to get on the floor. I am doing things that i would never have done if I had not got on to the floor.
    Linda O’Rourke recently posted…Be A Direct Selling SuperstarMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hi Linda, thanks so much for your comment. It is great to hear from another “Ex”- spectator!



  5. Martin Says:

    Very good inspiration to take action, Sigrid.
    We are prone to “living in the box” aren’t we?
    It’s so important like you said, to just get up and get in the game.

    In fact, we don’t even have to be “game changers”
    Just get in the game.

    Good article.
    Keep it up!

    Martin recently posted…Why you should use infographics in your businessMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Martin, your comment is spot on. The important thing is to participate in the game.



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