Should I Use A Blog In My Business?

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Why A Blog Will Work In Business

I recently read an article about using a blog as a marketing tool in the industrial and manufacturing segments of industry. This article changed my thinking completely about blogs as business tools. The marketing company that had written the article had a lot of companies within that realm of business as its clients.  I have to be the first to admit that I had never thought of manufacturing and heavy industry as beacons of bloggery (new word there, take note Webster’s,) because they just don’t seem to lend themselves to it. This article helped me to look at it in a different light.

A Blog Can Help Identify Who You Are

This has to be the first and foremost thought of every marketer. Who are You? In order to have any validity in the marketplace, you have to be able to clearly identify exactly who you are and what you are bringing to the table. Blogs are a terrific way of being able to reveal things about you and your company that separate you from the herd and place you at the front of the group. People do business with people they know and trust. People want to know more about your operation and why it is the place they should take their business. Give people a reason to buy from you.

Why are you Unique?

unique selling propositionEvery person or company has what’s known as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Simply put, there is a thing or things that you provide or do better than anyone else. Sure, you’re a realtor but your USP is that you specialize in horse farms or townhouses. Maybe it’s because you use a professional photographer as opposed to a point and shoot SLR. Maybe it’s because you have a blog and you have built up credibility and a relationship with your potential client base. I’ve had people say to me that, ‘sure a blog works for that but I don’t have a bunch of blogs for people to read through to get that info’. Well, the best time to start is now.


5 Things that a Blog Can Do For You

1. Inform, educate and motivate your readers. The perfect tool to give people all the information they need to make an informed buying decision. And to ask for their sale.

2. Lets you showcase strategic alliances you have within your peer group, or vertically through the supply chain, so that the customer (your blog reader) knows that you represent more than just what he sees. You are the tip of a ‘service iceberg’.

3. Allows you to utilize keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website to the top of the search engines for your niche. Gets you in front of your competition.

4. Finds creative ways to interact with your clients and others in your field. Use it as a forum to get feedback and to introduce new products, ideas or services. Use it to drill down to find out the consumers real needs. Don’t assume.

5. Set you apart from others in your niche. Become known as the expert in your field, and the ‘go to’ guys that get the job done no matter how complex or constrained the problem is. If you can solve people’s problems they will give you money. That’s how the market works. There is only two ways they are going to know that. Either you have to be in business for a bazillion years doing just that, or you have to tell them and show them that you can. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a bazillion years to wait for that day.

A Blog may not be essential for you or your business, but then neither is a phone number. I’m sure you can see that ifblog people can’t contact you, your sales will be limited. It’s the same with a blog. If people can’t find out about you and your USP, then your sales and growth potential will be limited as well. There’s a huge world out there, and they all won’t find out about you through word of mouth. You need a louder voice.

Creating a blog is easier than you think. Creating a useful and successful Business Blog takes a bit more time, but is so worthwhile. I used a resource to help me get started and it made the process very easy. Not everyone will want to create their own blog, and that’s fair. But you should at least understand the process of how it works and be responsible for content.Daily Marketing Coach helps you do just that. Walks you through the process and shows you step by step how to build content and get traffic to your site. After all, no customers, no sales. Take the initiative and get to the front of the pack.

Till Next Time….

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11 Responses to “Should I Use A Blog In My Business?”

  1. Stella Scott Says:

    Hi Sigrid!

    Enjoyed your post and the way you write. Entertaining style and to the point! Loved the invention “bloggery” and alerting Webster’s! :-D

    5 very good points too. Get blogging folks, it will make all the difference int the world for ya!

    Stella Scott recently posted…Psoriasis, crippling in many waysMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hi Stella, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It’s hearing from people like you that make it oh so worthwhile…


    Stella Scott Reply:

    Thanks Sigrid, sweet of you! :-)
    Stella Scott recently posted…Do you know how to detox your body?My Profile



  2. Pat Campbell Says:

    The market is looking for experts…and they are looking online…so it follows that a savvy business owner considers getting a blog up. Good post.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Pat, excellent point. Business leaders in all niches would do well to have topical, current and interactive blogs.



  3. Lucy Bieri Says:

    A blog is a great tool to build your brand identity online and reach your target market. .I see my blog as my office online.. Where I can reach my audience and where they also reach me too.In my opinion It’s a must have tool.

    Great post, thanks for sharing..


    Lucy Bieri recently posted…Questions I Asked And Answered To Develop Personal AwarenessMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Lucy, I think that you are spot on. Not only is a blog your online office, but it is also the face of your business that people see and interact with.



  4. Mark Loveday Says:

    Agreed. I have only just got into blogging, but finding it invaluable.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Mark, the value is exponential the more you blog. Best of luck as a new fellow blogger…




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