Blog Content: How Do I Find It?

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 Using Blog Content To Keep Your Blog Fresh and Topical

Content Is King. Especially Blog Content

 I am often asked how I find my blog topics and my blog content.  I don’t have a secret formula and I don’t rely on just one source of blog content topics. I do, however, have a series of sources or places that I go to routinely that gives me 95% of my blog content ideas.

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1. Daily Life – I get many great blog content ideas from the words that I hear spoken every day. I will hear a phrase that conjures up a mental image so powerful that I will think to myself that ‘there’s a blog post someone ought to write about. ” Then I do it ,and I am always surprised by how easy it is to create a blog post from just a single thought.

2. Current News Stories – This is a huge blog content source, but It covers a lot of territory.  It takes sifting and sorting to find stories that are relevant to your blog. If your blog focus is online college degrees, then it may not be appropriate to comment on the ‘fiscal cliff’ news stories surrounding the US economy.  If, on the other hand, you are going to tie the stories to the impact that it may have on the numbers of seekers of online college degrees due to the results of economic stress, then that makes a perfectly valid point and would be  great blog content.

3.Online Social Groups – Join some online social groups that are relevant to your niche and spend some timeblog content in the back and forth of the forums. It won’t take long to see what the current topics are, and you will likely get some good ideas about what would make great content for your blog. The more that you interact, the more you will be seen as the local ‘expert’ in your niche.

4. Other Articles and Blog Posts – Often, you will read an article or a post that you can identify with, but you feel that there are some points that the author didn’t include, or you have points of your own that you wish to make. Just like anything else in life, it is easy to improve on the original one if you have a framework to go with. Make sure that you use your own words when creating your blog content and paraphrase the message. Do not copy. That is verboten and very poor form.

5.Books, Magazines and Other Media – Often, when I am reading a book, an idea will come to me about how what I have read is relevant to a niche that I am writing a blog post about and I can use that idea as the central theme to a post.  On other occasions, I will find entire lists that can be turned into blog content or even into a series of blogposts on a single topic. Eg,’ The Seven Laws Of Success.’

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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I also was wondering how it is been done by you,thank you for the tip


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Dagmar!



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