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What is Pro Blog Academy?

Pro Blog Academy is your ticket to slashing the time that is normally required to generate a massive about of leads online. While looking over the shoulder of million dollar earner, Ray Higdon, Pro Blog Academy teaches you step by step how to become an expert in your niche online.

If you have a blog or have an interest in blogging (and you should) you will definitely want to check out the ProBlog Academy.

Why?  Because blogging is the Hottest Topic in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM and Internet Marketing today! Your blog represents YOU and is an asset that you control.

Learn How To Blog Effectively By Joining The Pro Blog Academy




Pro Blog Academy Module 1, Creating Your Income Machine

  • How to create a Persuasion Shell. This alone will make your posts go viral
  • Why you MUST use the “Prospect Target Matrix”
  • Learn the Secret to Getting Your Blog Setup Easily with NO Technical skills

Pro Blog Academy Module 2: Becoming a Content Creation Machine(no creativity required)

  •  Never have writer’s block again. Tips and strategies to make sure you never run out of super attractive content /topics to write about regardless of your niche.
  • A step by step formula to make your content speak to your visitors, as if  you were writing a letter to a close friend

Pro Blog Academy Module 3: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

  • This is Big! Let’s face it!   Every Business Needs Traffic. No Traffic=No Sales!   You have a blog post. Now what that heck do you do with it? Pro Blog Academy will demonstrate where to post your latest blog entry. Ray will walk you through where he places his blog posts to generate the traffic you need to have 50+ leads a day. See how he consistently attracts 1.2 million visitors every month!
  • Go behind the curtain and learn Ray’s best Traffic Tools, it’s how he consistently attracts 1.2 million visitors every month!
  • Discover the best ways to start just a frenzy of social activity

Pro Blog Academy Module 4: Converting Your Traffic

  • Proven list building strategies
  • Write riveting email that grabs attention and gets you more leads
  • Discover the single most important phrase you can use with your prospect

 Pro Blog Academy BONUS: Personal Blog Review

Once you have thoroughly gone through each and every module of the Pro Blog Academy, Ray will personally review your blog. How sweet is that!

Are you beginning to see the power here of the Pro Blog Academy?

Every leader in the Network Marketing/MLM industry will tell you to pick ONE marketing strategy and master it. Learn it inside and out before you add another strategy.

Pro Blog Academy is mine. Will it be yours?

Till Next Time….

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