Blogs as Marketing Tools??

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Blogs as Marketing Tools??


Really? Aren’t they just touchy-feely?

Not based on the sharp increase in the number of blogs that are hitting the web every single day, they aren’t.  It isn’t just the new people starting to blog, although that is substantial, it’s also established bloggers who are increasing the number of blogs that they are writing every week.  Just think of the archive of information that is being stored on the web. Truly an astonishing amount and growing by the day.

Having a blog is by no means a guarantee of its being found by the search engines. Certainly not based on the lone fact that you have a blog. Comments that will bring backlinks to your blog, having a keyword rich blog and posting often will all help you climb in popularity and boost your search rankings. All these pale in comparison to the King: Content.


Content is King

If you have great content then you can expect that people will read your blog and comment and do all things they can to promote you and your blog. All of a sudden the amount of times that you post every week becomes less critical. Spelling mistakes and grammar are overlooked. And the search engines are happy because your site is growing in popularity based on site visits. That’s the simplest and most reliable method of getting page ranking.


What Sales Really Is? 

Personally I like to add the human interest side of the equation too. People like people and they can relate to them far better than to any product or service that you may have to offer.  We like to read about other people and the things that they do and to find ways to solve their problems.  That’s all that sales really is…it is  problem solving.  Every purchase represents the solution to a problem, sometimes a very complex one or even one that isn’t even fully formed in the mind of the buyer.

By using a Blog a business can introduce itself and its products to literally billions of people around the world.  In the past businesses spent huge fortunes on advertising and marketing with diminishing results. Blogs are just starting to hit their stride with regards to marketing and the next few years will see them used more and more by business as a means of introducing new product and services.



Blogs aren’t hard to create but there is more to them than meets the eye.  You want to make sure that you are following a proven system such as ProBlogAcademy in order to minimize the amount of time you spend on technical issues.  Realistically, technical skills are cheap to buy and your time is more valuable as a marketing expert. Don’t get caught doing things that take you awayfrom your goals

Till Next Time

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8 Responses to “Blogs as Marketing Tools??”

  1. Marquel Russell Says:

    Awesome Post, Sigrid!

    Blogs are definitely one of the most powerful marketing tools that we can have in our Marketing Arsenal nowadays!

    Not only can you get favor with Google and other Search Engines by having quality and fresh content but you can expose your product and service to an Unlimited amount of potential prospects and clients for your favorite 4 Letter Word…FREE!!

    Thanks for sharing, Sigrid!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Marquel! You are so right that blogs are incredible marketing tools. Consistent content is key….



  2. Crystal Presence Says:

    Hi Sigrid I love how clear and simple that your blog is…and the content of your articles is just what I have been looking for to answer people's questions! I have had my blog for quite a few months now and I started out adding lots of content, and then let it fall off a bit as I was learning about the other aspects of marketing. I've recently started it up again…and I wish now that I had kept posting more regularlyl! Your blog is inspiring and motivating me!


    sigrid Reply:

    Crystal, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It means a lot to me! There are so many other things you could have been doing with your time, but instead you chose to spend it here. Best of luck with your blogging…..



  3. Michelle DeMarco Says:

    With millions of blogs on the internet, clearly there is a reward in blogging. The key is to distinguish ourselves as bloggers and to offer the best value. For sure Ray’s Pro Blog Academy is a great way to learn about having a quality blog! Thanks for the great post!


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so right Michelle, we need to be unique and offer great value to our readers, and Ray’s Pro Blog Academy is a way to do it!



  4. Damayanthi Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    I love this ->> If you have great content then you can expect that people will read your blog and comment and do all things they can to promote you and your blog…

    You are dead right, content is KING! and yes others will like to promote your content if it serve the audience. Take for example, how many people share “Marshable” content!



    sigrid Reply:

    You are so right Damayanthi. Thanks for sharing!



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