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Your Blog’s Focus Who Does It Speak To

As blogging matures, so too have many blogs, especially those that are connected to a business or attached to a consultant. There was a huge push to get information out there in the beginning, and a great deal of see what mine can do, and I have got more options than you do type of rivalry between blog owners all vying for the same audience.

your blog’s focus

With that maturity has come an understanding that as with any other types of marketing, the desires, wants and needs of the consumer have to come first. If your blog’s focus is on what you can do and what features your model has that Joe Bloe’s doesn’t, don’t expect a stampede of readers to your blog or customers flocking to order the latest geejaw that you have got waiting to ship out. (operators are standing by).

By and large people are more than sick and tired of the rank consumerism that pervaded so many of the early business blogs and still weighs heavily on a lot of the business community that is still entrenched in doing things ‘the way we always have. Instead your blog’s focus has to be on ‘what can I do for you?’ This is the same kind of attitude that first got people to choose between one store and another or one supplier and another.

Where Your Blog’s Focus Needs To Be

Consider the needs of the consumer or the reader. If they have only one source to go to in order to fulfill their needscustomer service they will go there. If they have choices, then they will weigh out the merits of one source versus another. If one supplier (problem solver) puts the customer’s needs first and gives superior customer service, where do you think the consumer will go? It really isn’t any different with blogs. When you share a niche market with a ton of other blogs what is going to make yours stand apart?

A ‘can I help you?’ attitude and theme to your blog is definitely going to give you a leg up on the rest of the competition. When your blog’s focus is on solving the problems experienced by people in your niche market, then you are bound to attract attention. And here is a shocking revelation. Just like all the other businesses that have gone out of their way to satisfy the consumer or to solve their problems, you will find that you have more interest, more traffic, more sales. The crown is yours to lose after that.

Oh yes, one more thing. There isn’t a lot of competition at the top. There is fierce infighting and biting in the trenches, but a lot less when you get to the high command. Just make ‘Can I Help You?’ the prevailing focus of your blog and watch the numbers climb.  your blog’s focus

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6 Responses to “Can I Help You Your Blog’s Focus”

  1. Rachel Williamson Says:

    I like this post…a lot, Sigrid. Now I’m thinking of actually making a page called “Can I Help You?”. Hmmmm…
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…Create a Viral NewsletterMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Rachel, that’s a great idea!



  2. Martin Says:

    I agree with you Sigrid.
    I get so weary of the “this is how you can help me” blogs that are out there.

    When you really analyze what makes a blog’s followership grow, it’s the “How can I help you” approach everytime.

    great article,
    Martin recently posted…Are Daily Deal Sites Really Evil?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks for your vote of confidence Martin…



  3. Bonnie Says:

    Yes, i enjoyed this article too, Sigrid. It is so key to stay focused on our ideal client and being a good problem-solver. Great thoughts!!
    Bonnie recently posted…The Impact of Nutrition Tracking for Kids & FamiliesMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Glad you enjoyed it Bonnie!



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