Brand New Beginners and Lottery Winners

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Brand New Beginners and Lottery Winners


But First…The Fishing Report

Yes indeed, we did get out on the water and it was a spectacular day.  We launched the boat in a field of yellow lilies and with some grunting and tugging made it to the lakeshore and then into the boat we went. The weather was perfect and the scenery is so gorgeous, it’s impossible to have a bad day. And we caught fish!!  Quite a number of sunfish were caught and released and we also managed to get two bass up to the boat ( the largest one around two pounds). Just a great day for the whole family.


New Beginners

Okay, as advertised I do want to talk about new beginners in the network marketing industry and most specifically about some of the things that they are told. I’m sure you know the verbage I am talking about, not quite get rich quick but not work hard either. That’s usually followed up with some of the old clichés like ‘part time work, full time pay’, ‘greatest opportunity in the history of mankind’ et al.

In reality, as most of us who have been in the industry for awhile know, fortunes are not made overnight and all success comes with a ‘hard work’ price tag, just the same as every other business. Now don’t get me wrong, there are fantastic benefits to the ‘work from home, be your own boss’ flexibility that network marketing allows.  All I’m suggesting is that we be realistic with New Beginners and Prospects. Tell them how it really is. Yes, it’s a fantastic business. No, it isn’t fantasy.


Lottery Winners

These ‘lucky’ folks are found in all walks of life and are not unique to the network marketing industry. Everyone has heard of someone who went from ‘dumpster diving’ to “dining with the stars’ in just a few short months and now has gold coins dribbling out the door of his sparkling limo every time the door opens. There are always going to be some people who just happen to hit it right. They bought Microsoft at 15 cents and sold for $89. They inherit a dusty Baby Grand from Old Aunt Hilda that turns out to be worth a few hundred G’s. They purchase a Renoir at a garage sale for a few bucks. They buy a lottery ticket with the last change in the old ashtray.

In reality, they are few and far between. But for some reason in the network marketing industry they are held up as examples of something everyone can do. That’s not realistic and to be candid, it’s a disservice to those who have done well through hard work, careful planning and persistence. Most of the ‘lucky’ people that I know didn’t get to where they are by chance. They worked weekends, nights, on days off, and on holidays. I don’t mean work endlessly but I do mean that they stay in touch with their teams and they don’t leave the outcome of their life to chance.  At the very least, they put themselves in a position where they have the best chance to be ‘lucky’.

In summation, don’t sugar coat the reality of business, you won’t do anyone, least of all yourself, any favours if you do. Be realistic , but do point out all the advantages and benefits.

Don’t point to lottery winners as examples of what is possible. Instead, point out the true leaders and the inspirations in our industry. There are a lot of good folks who have done really well and are happy to help others do the same.

Till next time…

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8 Responses to “Brand New Beginners and Lottery Winners”

  1. Rita Says:

    I have to agree with the honesty! Be up front when moving people through the process of becoming business partners, they need to know up front what it takes to be successful and that there really are no shortcuts, we all have a learning curve.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Hey Rita, you’re exactly right. The learning curve is going to be different for each individual, and we all need to have some patience.



  2. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hey Sigrid,

    This is a very good post, a few points that many people or marketers bring up very much. Yes there are those rare people that get lucky at the beginning and the continue to do very well. This is not the case with most, and unfortunately we have molded ourselves into a instant gratification society and want everything now. Also we throw everything away so easily and just buy a new one, which is almost a complete perfect formula for disaster.

    We all need to take a step back and say I can do anything I want, and I am willing to do what it takes to make it work. There are so many people that are on the border of greatness but they give up to soon. Think of where we would be as a race if no one ever gave up and just pushed through to the end. Do you think we would be better off or worse, could be a very deep discussion.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Thanks very much Robert. That’s the point I was trying to make…that 99% of successful people got there through hard work and perseverance. Too many of us quit too soon. This is a VERY deep discussion….


    Neale Reply:

    Robert I agree. Way to many people start out and end up hitting a wall and just give up since they have problems getting over that wall. If you want to be successful you need to put in time, energy, and effort. People love talking about the end result but very few people actully talk about the journey.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Hey Neale, I agree that too often people look at the end result, or see a finished product, but overlook the process through which it was created.



  3. Greg Agustin Jr. Says:

    Great post and I love the honesty. Awesome points to keep things in perspective. Can’t wait for the next post!


    Anonymous Reply:

    Thanks Greg , really appreciate your comments. Till next time….



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