Five Career Myths Exploded

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Don’t Get Caught In A Career Myths Crossfire

No doubt you have heard these pieces of advice before, usually from well intentioned but misguided friends, family, peers and those who damn well know better.  In some cases there was a touch of truth in these myths at one time or another through history, but there is precious little left today.

First of all, seriously consider why you want to be involved in a particular career. If money is the driver, ‘god be with you.’ That alone is never enough and you will ultimately be sorry. If you choose your career because you believe that once you are something you will become someone, again, you will be disappointed. If you choose your career because you have a genuine interest in it, then you are much more likely to succeed whether you find a short easy road or a long and arduous one that takes you there.

Just don’t rely on one of the following career myths to bring you a slam-dunk career entry. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you think that these time worn clichés still work in today’s reality. The next time you hear one of them, take note of who said it and ask yourself this question. ‘Is this someone I would seek out to obtain sage advice from?’ Consider the source.

career myths

The Five Biggest Career Myths

1. Do what you’re passionate about and the money will follow.

Maybe it will follow and maybe it won’t. It depends entirely upon what you are passionate about and how saleable that passion may or may not be. It’s all fine and dandy to be passionate about the arts or music but there just aren’t enough fans of the piccolo or aardvark sculpture to make a serious living out of. If on the other hand you are passionate about a field of finance or business then you may fare better.

2. A college degree will get you a job.

Sure it will, but it may be at a donut or a coffee chain. This career myth suggests that if only you have a degree all will be well. Having a degree doesn’t entitle you to any special favours and most employers prize direct experience in the field as the most sought after attribute. All too often, college and university grads find themselves unemployed and underemployed as they see lesser educated people do the work that they had hoped to do.

3. Your college major will become your career.

In many cases, no it won’t. Many students that attend college and university discover that before they are finished their degree that the field that they have chosen isn’t the best option for them. Some of them dislike the politics that come with the career and some are disillusioned by the glacial process that career development can take. Countless others are forced to seek employment outside of their major simply to afford to eat and live. Often those ‘temporary’ jobs turn into careers that have little if anything to do with the original major.

4. If your career path isn’t clear, then go to grad school.

Isn’t it almost perfect irony that the same people who told you that your major would lead you to a career are now telling you this? In other words, stay in school and surely something will turn up. Or you can always get a part time job there maybe sweeping up after class or something. People who wait for ‘something to show up’ wouldn’t recognize an opportunity if it drove up in a limo and whacked them with the stick of destiny. Often attending grad school will accomplish little else but waste a few more years and leave you with a lot bigger student loan to repay. Exceptions to this career myth are those who are involved in medical specialties and engineering, careers that are specific to graduate studies.

5. If all else fails and you can’t find employment, you can always start your own business.

This is perhaps the most dangerous of the five career myths and certainly the one that can get you into the most precarious financial position. It is almost impossible to borrow money from regulated sources, so you are going to have to either start up and run an underfunded business (akin to buying lotto tickets for your retirement fund) or you will be borrowing from your friend Luigi. At least with Big Lu you know that you will put forth your best effort or run the risk of personal injury. In all seriousness, not everyone is cut out to run a business, let alone start one and to presume that this is a fall back position from unemployment is sheer folly.

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2 Responses to “Five Career Myths Exploded”

  1. Hale Yes Says:


    I enjoyed this one thoroughly. It is especially relevant today since most adults are forced to change careers from 5 to 7 times during their working years. This topic comes up again and again in your life.

    I’ll add a note or two.
    1. Money will follow if you are working your passion. I agree that this is usually a myth. I’d also advise people to take a long hard look at their passion. There might be something there if you look at where others are making money with your passion.

    2. College degree = job. Definitely WRONG. The degree is a ticket to get your resume in the “possible” stack for some jobs. Being in a stack of 500 is better than not being there, but not by much. :)

    3. You major becomes you career – NOT!

    4. Go to Grad School. Yeah “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Pay they school systems another $30,000 or $40,000. Maybe you’ll figure it out.

    5. Start your own business. 95% fail in the first year. Good odds – don’t you think?

    Yeah you set me off. Sorry about that! :)

    Until Next Time Have a Great Day!
    Dr. Hale
    Hale Yes recently posted…Dr. Hale says: I’ll Never Be A Salesman – NOT!My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thank you so much Dr. Hale for your insight and your awesome sense of humor. It certainly makes an unpopular topic more palatable. You make an excellent suggestion on how to create a financial return with your passion by looking at what others are doing and copying them.



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