Cash Flow…The # 1 Key To Financial Freedom

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Cash Flow is King

If I was able to only give people one piece of financial advice that would apply to young and old alike, those working for minimum wage and those who are high earning professionals, this would be it. What could it possibly be? Buy Gold? Rent instead of buying at this point? Sell all your RIM stock now? Put your life savings on black in Monte Carlo?

In reality, it’s none of the above. It is much simpler and much more foolproof than that. Ready? Here it is. Manage your cash flow. Yes, that’s it. No screaming and yelling, no flashing lights, no blaring sirens. Just good, old fashioned, common sense advice. And the kind that requires no new math or magic formulas. It isn’t glamourous or even sexy, but it has one undeniable advantage over any other tactic I could name. The #1 Key to financial freedom works. All the time, every time.

cash flow

When you have good, strong positive cash flow you can withstand an awful lot of the not so nice things that life throws your way. Cash flow can allow you to save money ahead for a college fund, your daughter’s wedding, and your golden years of retirement. When you have cash flow, you can continue to hold investments and still manage to feed your family. You can still donate money to your favourite charity and you can still buy gifts for members of your family.

Simply put, cash flow describes the flow of money into and out of your personal life. Money flowing in includes your income from your job, from any business that you might own, from investments you might have, or from residual sources like books you have written, etc. Money flowing out includes all your expenses including taxes, interest you pay on loans and mortgages, money for food, clothes and entertainment. The difference between your incomes and your expenses is your cash flow. Hopefully yours is a large positive number. If it isn’t, then you have one of two choices to make. Either you have to find a way to increase your incomes or you have to find a way to decrease your expenses. That’s the only possible way to correct the imbalance and to get your cash flow back into a strong positive position.

Tomorrow we are going to look at how you create strong positive cash flow, and the steps that you have to take to get to that point. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Till Next Time….

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6 Responses to “Cash Flow…The # 1 Key To Financial Freedom”

  1. Ray Says:

    Great Post Sigrid! I will be a daily reader of your blog posts!
    Ray recently posted…How To: Have A Millionaire MindsetMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thank you so much Ray and welcome!



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I am looking forward to #2 tomorrow


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Dagmar, thanks so much for following our series!



  3. Diane Grant Says:

    What a wonderful reminder of the basic principles of a healthy financial life. Sometimes in the day to day technology shuffle, we forget our responsility to follow the things we know are truth….at least, deep down inside we know them.
    Diane Grant recently posted…I Want To Be Like ThatMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Diane. Yes deep down we know these things, don’t we?



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