The Choice Is Yours To Make

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We Are Always At Choice

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘I had No Choice’? When you stop and think about it there is something that rings hollow about it. True, we may well feel that the outcomes of a choice are so different, that there really is only one viable choice to make, but reality suggests otherwise. If we look closer at the situation, you will often see that there were a series of choices made along the way that brought us to the point we’re at currently. So in truth, there was a choice to be made, and if made early enough would have precluded the dire situation that we are in now. choice

 What Happened?  What Choice ?

It often seems as though it is just so much simpler to raise our hands and say that what happened was out of our control, and therefore an act of God, or a rare and unusual happenstance. There is a delicious anonymity in taking no responsibility, but there is a cost to that as well.  When we trade in our role of responsibility, we also surrender our freedom and the option of being in control of our own destiny. Although that may not seem like such a big deal to some, I assure you, that in reality, that is everything.

To come from the position of ‘person responsible’ for our own outcomes, means that it also allows us the option of directing or controlling our own future. It does mean, however, that we cannot rely upon playing the ‘blame game’ and trying to implicate everything from the weather through to the current president of the US of A. There is certainly no shortage of things to blame, and it is oh so tempting to do so at times. Some folks have found this to be a tad too convenient, and after awhile it seems as though they are at the mercy of the vagrancies of fate. 

Wouldn’t it sort of suck though to never be in control of your own future, and to always have to bow to the forces of choice1everything else in life? Personally at some point I would have to say to myself, ‘okay, time to build a backbone and quit allowing ‘stuff’ to just happen to me.’ The day that you stand up and refuse to allow something or someone else to determine your life’s direction is your first day of freedom.  Freedom isn’t without cost, nor should it be. All things of value have high price tags, get used to it.

When the pony of opportunity come riding past again, take the hint from the Zach Brown Band and ‘set your sweet ass on it.’ Don’t wait for some excuse to hold you back, and hold you down, and never let someone tell you that you have no choice. Make the choice and don’t look back. It is only what is in front of you that counts.

What choice are YOU going to make? 

Till Next Time….

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One Response to “The Choice Is Yours To Make”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You are right,you always have a choice,forget yesterday, live for today and plan for tomorrow.There is always a way. I always remember someones quote, [you can knock me down7 times, I will get up on the 8th time]



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