Choosing Your Network Marketing Company

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 Choosing Your Network Marketing Company

Now that you have made the decision to join a network marketing company, there is one more thing that you need to do, more important than any other, before you sign on the dotted line. By doing so, you will dramatically increase your chances of real success and avoid disappointment.


Due Diligence

You need to do your due diligence. What’s due diligence? Simply put, it’s doing the amount of research required to make an informed decision about all aspects of each opportunity until all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction.

Most network marketing companies can be assessed by looking at some very basic aspects of their respective opportunities. It should come as no surprise that the majority of companies will fall out of the mix as you begin to assess each aspect. It’s a natural weeding process that will save you a lot of time and investment.

1. Product and/or Services

The products or services that a company provides must represent good value. Notice that I didn’t say low cost, I said value. There is often a world of difference between the two. If the products are to be consumed or used personally, then there is a need to be able to assure the consumer that what the label says is also what is in the bottle. Purity matters especially when it comes to products that will be eaten or applied to the skin. Have the products been tested and reviewed comprehensively by an independent and accredited third party? Only deal with companies that have met all the standards, all the time and who are backing their products with a money back guarantee. Finally, ensure that it is a product or a service that there is an ongoing demand for and that you will have a market to market it to. Consumable products have an advantage in that there is a finite amount of motor oil or rare gold coins or jewelry that people will be willing to purchase on a month to month basis.

 2. Compensation Plan

It isn’t so critical to have a particular compensation plan to be successful in network marketing. There are people who have done very well with binaries, matrixes, compressed pay plans and all sorts of exotic designs. Just get one that you can understand and that has consistently provided success for other people just like you. Stay rational in assessing compensation plans. Don’t get lured here or there based upon what a few superstars have done in a company. Choose a company that pays out the most in commissions and still is profitable. A company that isn’t profitable cannot remain in business for long. Compensation plans that pay equitably across international borders means that you can market in any country and be paid the same as you would be back home and without having to build a new company or organization in every country that you do business in. Finally make sure that you are protected against breakaways and other forms of splintering that can cause you to lose much of your residual income. It is critical that the company has very high ethical standards and that they are upheld to protect ALL of the associates. Beware of companies created when others have jumped ship from one network marketing company to another. Past history is an excellent indicator of what to expect in the future, all other things being equal.

3. The Company

How many years has the company been in business and do they represent solid growth or are they a get in quick and get out fast outfit. How has the company fared in peer reviews? In other words, how highly are they rated by other network marketing companies? After all, the best and most critical assessors are those that are within the same industry. What is the history of the leadership and management team of the company and what is their vision? Is it something that you can identify with? Network marketing is very much a team sport and it’s tough to participate on a team that you don’t feel has the same goals as you or that you can’t associate with. Lastly, how does the company make you feel? I don’t mean superficially as in a veneer of excitement, I mean deep down. Do you feel as though they are sincere and as if you would matter? It is similar to choosing a workplace insofar as you want to make sure that the outfit that you are working with is reputable and sincere.

4. Training and Support

No one wants to feel as though they have to do it all on their own, nor should they. Companies that are worth their salt have comprehensive training plans and are constantly evolving their training to match the changing world that we live in. Don’t join a company that has dated training programs or tools. Clearly they are not putting enough time or effort into a key element of their business and will have a hard time attracting new members. Training has to be readily available in a multitude of formats and it has to be simple. People that have a clear, logical path to follow are far more likely to take action than those that are confused or unsure. Always have the thought that if it is easy for you and makes sense, it likely will to others as well. Is the training professional in all aspects? Are the training tools first-rate and reflect the integrity of the company that they represent? Will you feel good as an associate of this company and will you be proud to represent them when you are using the training that they have given you?

 Things to Avoid

Here is a short list of things that should make you step back and take a second look before jumping onboard with any team:

1. Are the Representatives Pushy?   Beware of  fast paced, get in now on the ground floor, limited time opportunities. Steer clear of ‘new opportunity’ companies that promise things that are at best questionable.

2. Do your homework. It’s really unlikely that a particular company has found the only source of vitamin Z high atop a Himalayan mountain-top or in a remote Amazon rain-forest and that this vitamin Z will add 20 years to everyone’s life or reduce tailpipe emissions to zero.

3.Be reasonable with yourself. Don’t join anyone who won’t openly discuss every aspect of their business or who is secretive in any way. Find a company that answers all your questions and choose wisely only after you are satisfied. Like anything that is truly of value and worthwhile, a business has to be able to withstand scrutiny. The longer you look the better they should look to you.

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  1. Bridget Says:

    Great blog post about choosing a network marketing company.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Thanks so much Bridget. Hope it helps….it’s important to consider all of your options before signing.



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