What Color Is Your Business?

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Your Color Says A Lot About Your Business

Business Color: What You Should Know

Colors are very important to business as every color portrays a different set of parameters. The colors that I am going to talk about, and their values, are based on North American tastes and wouldn’t necessarily translate well to another culture or geographic region.  When you want to brand your business, you want it to be in colors that are going to embody the message that you want to convey.  It always interesting to see the colors that a business selects and how that helps to define the corporate image. IBM is Big Blue, UPS is brown, KFC, red and white, Coke is red and John Deere is green and yellow.


Colors convey a message, and as you will see, all trigger certain meanings in our brains when we see them.

  • Black – Classy, bold, clean and no nonsense.  It is usually reserved for the classiest of products. The new $18 candy bar ‘Good & Evil has a black wrapper.
  • White – Pure, soft, feminine and clean. Often used in health products and infant based marketing. Ivory uses white a lot.
  • Orange– Often associated with upbeat, cheery and a bit irresponsible. Often associated with children and  fun things. Less so in Denver once Elway was gone.
  • Purple– stately, regal, pomp and ceremony.  Purple invokes a richness about it. Crown Royal has predictably come in purple bags with a gold drawstring.
  • Gold– richness, money and high value. Many books on finances have gold lettering on them.
  • Blue– indicates trustworthiness, solidity, dependable. Blues are secure, and widespread like the sea and sky which are also coincidentally blue. Surprisingly Virginia and Iowa are blue and Florida only faintly so.
  • Yellow– warmth, sunshine, spring. Yellows are upbeat colors that lift ones mood and convey a certain lightness about them. We will never see a yellow bank. Sad somehow.
  • Brown– earthy, dependable, loyal and trustworthy. Has also come to mean organic and less processed, ergo less refined. A high end jewelry store would not be likely to use browns.
  • Pink– the hallmark of femininity often associated with adolescent girls. Mary Kay owns pink. Used heavily in the cosmetics industry.
  • Green– nature, calming, the greens of a forest. Greens are comforting and reliable, even friendly. Overused by the environmental movement but still a distinct color for those that want to stand apart.
  • Red– powerful, emotionally charged, proud and out in front. Reds are in your face colors that loudly state something but can also mean stop and losses (business red ink). Businesses use it as an arresting color, designed to get attention.

These are just the most basic of colors, with some very simple thoughts. Obviously combinations and pastels and other tints will give off a different feeling. Use care in selecting your colors. It is a very defining aspect that you want to use to brand and label your business. Once you have chosen them, they are hard to change.

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