Complexity Kills: Score One For Simple

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 Simple Is Your Friend, Along With Quick and Easy

A short time ago, someone asked me what I thought the so called ‘secret to success’ was for companies that continue to grow and expand, while others are trapped in a dead zone. It isn’t an easy or a simple question to answer, because there are so many variables and it only takes one bad decision in today’s world to fall so far behind that it is nearly impossible to catch up. Look at the examples of Dell Computers and Barnes and Noble bookstores. Dell decided not to go into the tablet market and rather stuck with main frames and laptops. Barnes and Noble elected to focus only on books and decided to go it alone, unlike their competitor Chapters who embraced Starbucks.

I really think that most of the success of a lot of companies can be attributed to keeping things simple. Most of the bestsimple trademarks are simple and as such are widely recognized. Simple marketing campaigns with a single message are easier for people to understand, and faster to get the message. Successful companies have a series of simple systems that allow them to hire, train, build production, market and ship huge volumes of product. It couldn’t be done with a complicated one off process that requires constant monitoring and adjusting.

Think of two cars: the Honda Civic and the Ferrari Testarossa. While there is no doubt that the Ferrari would garner you a lot more looks on the street, if you had to choose a daily driver you would be wise to go with the Honda. Sure its dull in comparison, but it is simple. All you have to do is minimal maintenance and fill it with gas (and not that often), and it goes and goes. The Ferrari on the other hand, is finicky, definitely not fuel efficient and requires the constant attention of a well trained technician to keep it in top running form. As you can see, in almost all applications the simple message or simple plan will overtake and outlast the complex because it has fewer moving parts and thus, fewer chances to fail or underperform.

So too, with our own business endeavours. It is, oh so tempting, to tweak this or that and to add on and modify something that is fairly simple to turn it into a complex beast that eats time and money and requires constant attention. Take a look at your business or what you do to produce income ,and see if there are areas where this has happened. What takes up most of your time? Or requires constant attention or repair? Maybe it’s time to look at making it as simple as possible without sacrificing the vast majority of your production or effectiveness.

I once had a mentor point out to me that if it took x effort to achieve 90% of anything it would take 2x to achieve 95%. If I insisted on getting it to 99%, then I would have to be willing to invest 10 times as much effort or time as I would to attain the original 90%. It’s a lesson that has stayed with me, and I often look at what I am doing and find that is the reason why suddenly I am bogged down, and production has slowed to a crawl. All I have to do is revert to doing what is simple, quick and easy and I am back to rolling along. Always remember, the confused mind says NO.

Have you done this? Have you made the simple complex? In what way? Please share below….

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Complexity Kills: Score One For Simple”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    Sigrid, I agree that sometimes we can take things that are so simple and try to make them very complex. Insisting on perfection can sure bog us down and stall any action that we might take.


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Dagmar, you are so right! Thanks so much for sharing.



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