Content Vs Communication – The Great Blog Debate

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There has always been debate between the two camps content vs communication, and both are equally sure that they are right and that the other guys are definitely wrong. It is an interesting contrast – mostly because there is genuine merit in both points of view. It is terribly difficult to effectively share any concept with another human being without some form of communication. It is possible to glean information or learning strictly from sources of content, I have done it myself. But I also realize that as a reader of encyclopedias and books of knowledge, that I am rather an odd bird.

I would venture to say that most learning is done through one type of communicating or another. I would go even further and say that all of the best and most fun types of learning ALL involve one form of communication or another. The easiest way to learn is to ask questions and the easiest way to teach, or inform if you will, is via communication.

When you think of the purpose that your professional business blog will serve, it is usually in the form of teaching or informing. Blog readers are almost split 50/50 between those that wish to learn something about something. and those that wish to be entertained. Most people reading your professional business blog are not going to be looking for entertainment, they are looking for information and answers. Now, I can hear the rallying cries of the content supporters saying ‘See, we knew we were right all along. People just want to get answers. They don’t want to have to actually talk to you.’


I’ve got bad news for them and for anyone else who believes that you can promote a product or sell in a vaccum (ie without customer interaction or communication). If you want to sell to just 10% of the buyers that are available by all means, cancel your phone, close your door and set your site up as a self serve. What the heck, it works for the no-name stores. However, IF you want to sell to the 90% who will recommend the heck out of you to their friends, then by all means make your blog as interactive as possible and encourage communication in any way that you can.

Connecting with your customers, indeed, with anyone that you communicate with, is absolutely key to getting your message across. It is the connections that  you make that will ultimately end up creating that vast majority of your future sales. Exchange thoughts and ideas, and please acknowledge comments whenever possible. Let people know that you are aware of them and that you take their input seriously. Memorable means money. Connections mean coin.

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