Creating Value Is Like Putting A Worm On A Hook

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How Do I Go About Creating Value For My Customers?

Have you ever been told by a salesman that this car, piece of furniture, house or software offers terrific value? Did you ever wonder what that really meant, and how that was going to influence your buying decision? Value is a tough critter to nail down, and it is such a squishy concept because it means different things to different people. 

creating valueWhen you cast a line out to see if you can catch a fish, and all you have is a hook on the end of your line, you aren’t likely to have a lot of success. The only fish that you are going to catch are those that you are going to snag while you are pulling your line back in. Now that concept might work if you are fishing in a very small body of water and there are a lot of fish in it. Say a bathtub sized fishing hole with a hundred fish.

Sorry to tell you this, but most fishing (and marketing) isn’t like that. Fishing holes tend to be larger, filled with fewer fish and they are wary. So it makes sense that if you want to catch some of them you had better have some pretty attractive bait. In other words, you have to be creating value for the fish. That’s why you need a worm. And it can’t be just any old worm. It has to be one that represents value to a fish. 

So really what is value? Simply put, value is the attractive feature, or features, that trigger a buying decision. To a fish it may be that oh so succulent, wriggling thing on the hook. To you, it might be the fully fenced yard that you can envision your children safely playing in, whereas your husband may view it as the enclosed workshop that he can putter around in. Creating value is easier when you realize that the same item can provide value to different people for different reasons.

Why Creating Value Is All That Matters

It all depends on what we are looking for and what pleasure we can get from having it, and/or, what pain it helps us avoid. A new car might provide value through its fuel efficiency, saving you hundreds of dollars a year (pleasure), or its value might be not having to take transit or walk every time it breaks down, like with your old car. If that is your pain point, all the salesman has to do is mention the reliability of the new car, and your buying trigger will be pressed.

Everyone has buying triggers based on values that sometimes only they can see. Your job is to help show them the value. You can only determine what features are creating value in your customers mind by asking questions and listening CAREFULLY to the answers. Then, and only then, can you match up their criteria for value with the product you are offering. Remember the fish and don’t forget to take your worms. 

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