Critical Steps To Achieve A Financial Turn around Part Five

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How Do I Create a Financial Turnaround?

Final Steps to Financial Turnaround

In the previous four blog posts we looked at the process of creating a financial turnaround. Right from the first phase of acceptance through to goal setting, the entire planning process and then finally putting it all into action as we learned about in the last post in Part 4. There is something interesting that occurs when you go through the process and begin the steps of creating your own financial turnaround.  There is a shift in the human psyche, and all of a sudden there is such peace and harmony with the Universe that it is hard to think of anything that isn’t in huge abundance.  Just the very act of beginning the planning process and then putting the new found knowledge into action is a very positive activity that set all sorts of positive things into action.

5. Wealth Consciousness

financial turnaround

For us, as humans, to be working on a solution to a problem allows us to move our focus away from the fear of the problem itself and all the anxiety that it brings. As a result we begin to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally and that frees our mind up to possibility. This allows two incredible things to happen. First we begin to feel hope and gratitude. Hope for our situation that has been missing for so long and gratitude that there is a way out of the mess that we are in. But there is more. It also gives us the knowledge that if we can emerge from this through the financial turnaround process, so can others and it is our natural instinct to turn around and help them as well.

It is a well documented fact that humans that have survived an ordeal are only all too willing to help others through the same ordeal, and if possible to lighten their loads or to cheer them on. Don’t believe me? Watch the competitors at the end of a long grueling physical test like a marathon. Once they finish, they want every other competitor to finish as well, and they do everything that they can to help them along. Not every runner does this, only those with higher levels of consciousness. The same is true of wealth consciousness.

It is only those that have higher levels of wealth consciousness that realize that the key to having abundance, and to therefore permanently lose the scarcity mindset, is in helping others. If all that we do is egocentric and only to our own benefit, then we are confining ourselves to a very small pond indeed. You may very well become the biggest fish in a very small pond, but is that all that you aspire to? Isn’t it more to just be allowed to swim in the bigger pond, even if you are not the grand poobah? The best that man can aspire to is to be able to serve his fellow man and in doing so become fabulously wealthy on all levels.

For me, the opportunity to give back is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction. I count the day that I helped (with many others) to build housing for deserving families in Mexico as one of the best days of my life. The feeling is so good it cannot be adequately expressed in words. I encourage you to do the same, given the opportunity.

First, begin your financial turnaround. Accept your situation, and become clear about what it is costing you, then set goals that you can move towards. Devise a plan that will get you to financial freedom, whether that takes debt consolidation, debt counseling, debt servicing or bankruptcy to get you there, and then take action to make it happen.  Once you have begun that process and your mind is open to possibility, look for ways that you can give back and help others. It can come in many, many forms. What you will soon realize is that survivors of financial turnarounds are different folks, we tend to see things differently and we cherish things a little more. Going without for awhile is a great way to learn the value of something.  And the world’s gone on for a while without our help. It’s high time to get back in the game and make a positive difference.

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  1. Diane Grant Says:

    Great article. I so appreciate your straightforward manner in dealing with the hard issues. Pay it forward!
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  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    With all the ups and downs in the financial world a lot of us are struggeling to make it through til the next pay check,if you have work to count on.I am also in the process to making a plan And it has to work ,it will work



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