Critical Steps To Achieving A Financial Turnaround Part Three

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How Do I Create a Financial Turnaround?

Next Steps to Financial Turnaround

In the first two parts ,we looked at the importance of acceptance and the key role that it plays in coming to grips with your financial situation, and how it is the prerequisite first step in a financial turnaround. It is important to really discover the true cost of a negative financial situation, so that your determination to change things for the better is really solid, and not just a passing fancy, but rather a mission and one laden with urgency and conviction.

We also looked at goal setting and the value in making them crystal clear so that there is no possibility of mistake or confusion in the mind. Remember that the confused mind says no. Make sure you aren’t confused, and if you are, backtrack till you have it straight and then proceed once again.

In the last segment we looked at planning, and why it is a good idea in the beginning to let your mind come up with as many ideas as possible on how to overcome your current financial position. You need to develop a plan to begin your financial turnaround, and then refine it so that it works for you and your unique situation. The plan must take you through to a successful conclusion, It is of no use to take you only part way, and then leave you wandering around unsure of which way to turn next.

financial turnaround

3. Commitment

Once you have a plan in place that will take you from where you are to where you need to go (financial independence), you need to be able to commit to that plan. I don’t mean just nod your head up and down or say ‘ya, ok, we will ‘give it a shot’, I mean you have to be able to throw yourself into it and not let other things or people dissuade you from what you have to do. If you decide that the bankruptcy process is the only way you can affect a realistic and complete financial turnaround, then you have to knuckle down, prepare yourself and follow your plan. Don’t let well meaning Cousin Eddie or Uncle Ernie take you off your plan by telling you how they would do it differently. If you’re going to listen to them, then get their input back in the planning stage, not once you have made your plan and are underway and involved in your financial turnaround process.

financial turnaround1Total commitment is like flipping a light switch or pressing the restart button on your computer. There is no halfway position. Once you decide, you are going then you have to go. Keep your eyes and mind on the goal at the end, and remember how painful it was to continue on in that hopeless position that you were in. I remember having to apologize to my daughter because I could not buy her an iced capp that I had promised her, because I had no room on my credit cards and didn’t even have the change in my pockets to afford it. I carry that memory with me as a ‘spur’ whenever I felt that I was sick of the process, or that it was too hard or taking too long. We all have painful memories of what financial hardship means, and shouldn’t hesitate to pull them out when our inner voice starts to whine about how hard this is or how unfair it is.

I am not writing this with the intention of scaring people away from the financial turnaround process, but this is serious stuff. You didn’t get into the position that you are currently in overnight, and there is no ‘magic wand’ to wave to get things back to normal again. You have to be able to see the value in where you are going, or else you must clearly see that if you continue you on the path you are on now, that there is no way out. Buying lottery tickets is not a solution. Starting a business can be a solution, as can getting a high paying job, but take the time to look carefully at every option. No matter what you choose to do, commitment is going to be the key. Without it you just become another statistic, and one more bobbing cork in the ocean of life with no control over your destination. You deserve better than that.

Read the Next Installment when we talk about Action,  and what is required to make this process work for you.

Till Next Time….

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