Critical Steps To Achieving A Financial Turnaround Part Four

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How Do I Create a Financial Turnaround?

More Steps to Financial Turnaround

So far we have looked at the following steps that are key to making your financial turnaround the shortest and most successful it can possibly be. We have covered off the initial step of acceptance and why it has to be thoroughly examined from all sides, then setting realistic short-term financial goals that are attainable. Planning is the next step to take you to those goals and ultimately to the conclusion of your financial turnaround, and then commitment to buy in to taking the action, and doing the work that will be required to see you through to the successful conclusion of the process.

financial turnaround

Having gone through that part of the process, it is now time to undertake that action and to get the ball rolling. Action is nothing more than putting your plan into motion. It is during the planning process that you make the big decisions about whether you are going to use the services of a debt reducing service, or go it on your own. Either can work well, but make sure you get several opinions and that you carefully assess ALL of your options prior to drawing up your financial turnaround plan. If you haven’t done so, please go back and begin again at that step before beginning any action.

If you have a well outlined and clear plan it isn’t difficult to just put it into action, and you won’t have any confusion over what the next ‘to do’ item is. It will all flow naturally, and although there are bound to be very minor changes required the overall plan shouldn’t have to be changed in a major way at all.

It is often best to break the action part of your plan in to several parts or segments so that you can see noticeable impacts on your finances as you work your way through the process. If you use one month or thirty days as your first segment, it’s easier to see the impact of changes you have made to your expenses and to your income. These positive changes give you belief in what you are doing, and the inertia that you will need to keep your financial turnaround moving forward. It is human nature to want to see results, and in a short period of time too, especially from an undertaking such as this where you are dramatically changing your lifestyle.

This isn’t a light hearted walk in the park that you are involved in, and your mind wants to see results that are commensurate with the sacrifices that you are making. At this point, don’t hesitate to revisit the feelings that you had prior to beginning the process. Clearly recall the anguish and despair and the feelings of hopelessness that you had. As soon as those feelings come flooding back, fast forward to the present and recommit to the process that you are in. Also, look ahead to the point when it is complete and you are once again in calm financial waters, actually further ahead for having gone through the process because now you have experience and an education that will remain with you for life.

Come back for the last installment on Wealth Consciousness. It promises to be the most valuable of all and you don’t want to miss it. In fact, it is the key to why so many wealthy people have the amounts of money and valuables that they do. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Andrew Carnegie are all big believers in the dynamic of Wealth Consciouness. There’s room there for us too. Let’s join in.

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