Customer Satisfaction: Who Needs It

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Does Customer Satisfaction Even Matter Anymore

How To Not Provide Customer Satisfaction

Just this evening I read a news story that was local, and yet has global implications. There was an expose done on a car rental company, via the testimony of some former employees who were revealing some very questionable customer interactions that had occurred at Budget Rent-A-Car.  According to the information given by the three ex-employees, customers who rented cars were systematically herded through the rental process, and pushed to buy unnecessary and often redundant insurance with onerous deductibles. This is customer satisfaction?

customer satisfaction

In addition, customers were often charged for exceedingly minor damage to the vehicles that often had been incurred either prior to, or following, the rental of the car. In some cases, customers were charged for damage done to the car by Budget employees. On numerous occasions, customers were charged for rock chips in windshields and charged for an inflated replacement cost for a new windshield, when in fact the rock chip could be repaired on the window at a fraction of the price. In many instances, windshield repairs never occurred, and the next renter of the vehicle was charged again for the same rock chip damage. Again, customer satisfaction?

That this sort of thing can have gone on for this long speaks to a much larger problem.  It is obvious that the corporate culture has evolved into a highly efficient rip-off machine within this organization. When management was contacted, and someone was eventually found that would speak on record, they professed to have no knowledge of any of the alleged transgressions, and seemed out of touch and surprised to learn that the repair shops they were using weren’t even accredited. Clearly there has been widespread knowledge of questionable business dealings for a prolonged period of time, to the point that this sort of thing is considered status quo.

Companies like this play a dangerous game in the era of instant personal communication. Social media can hurt  companies big time that are found to be violating customer’s faith and rights. The consumer is becoming fed up with so few ways to effectively discipline those who flout honesty and integrity, in the interests of increased profits for owners who seem curiously disconnected from the actions that their companies take. Social media has become a wonderful open public forum that can really hold the feet of the executives to the fire until real change is affected.

If you feel that you have been taken advantage of by a car rental agency lately then I encourage you to take action. If Budget, et al is truly interested in making things right with their former customers, then a call to them to address that issue is necessary.  Good luck and keep your eyes open for other risky business transactions.

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2 Responses to “Customer Satisfaction: Who Needs It”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    it shows ,that you should be alert all the time .the old saying what goes around comes around fits here perfectly.I have always inspected a rented car very carefully and reported any damage on the spot


    sigrid Reply:

    I agree Dagmar. We consumers are getting fed up with dishonesty.



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